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Unibar Announces WebLabel Service for Compliance Labels

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.--Nov. 13, 2001--Unibar, Inc. today announced a revolutionary new Internet Label Service, the Unibar WebLabel Service, for easy printing of custom and standard compliance labels from a web site via a web browser. Now a company's suppliers can print labels from anywhere in the world by accessing the web without any label design or configuration worries. Unibar WebLabel Service enables small or large companies to provide their smaller suppliers with worldwide compliance labels literally overnight. There is no software to download or label specification to learn. Unibar develops the label according to customer specifications and provides the service from the Unibar server, with labels developed by Unibar according to customer specifications. The customer can provide free and immediate availability of compliance label generation for its suppliers worldwide by paying a modest service charge. "Using Unibar's WebLabel Service, the savings and cost reduction of compliance label printing can quickly outweigh many times the service fee,'' said Ted Kruse, president of Unibar, Inc. "It has been estimated that an additional $15-$20 labor is required to receive a single container without a label, so only a handful of labels generated and placed on shipments to your facilities will pay for the service charge... the remaining labels will generate cost savings for your company and speed delivery to where they are needed.'' In addition, a link from the customers' Web Server can make the label generation appear to be an integrated part of the customer's Web application. Suppliers no longer need to learn complicated software programs or be knowledgeable about bar codes or label designing. Standard compliance labels such as Target, Wal-Mart and Sears are also available now, including the automotive and the GM 1724. Benefits of the Unibar WebLabel Service include: * Implementation of a compliance program within a few days, compared to several months for traditional compliance programs * Label changes implemented overnight * No software program or barcode label specifications for the suppliers or users to learn. The label specification is provided to Unibar, and a label is quickly designed to the those specifications. * Printing a label only requires the suppliers to fill in a small web form from the web site with their variable data. * A Web database can be provided for suppliers to save variable data for reuse. This can be a few or hundreds of records. This is at a small cost to the supplier. * There is no need to replace printers since any browser-supported printer will work. (However, a quality label printer is highly recommended.) * User ID's and passwords can be provided or controlled by the customer. * The base software can be purchased and integrated by customers with their own resources for dynamic labels tied directly to their application. Custom Internet Label Service Also Available For an additional fee Unibar can customize and install the application on a customer's Web Server. The following are available with a Custom Installation: * For large quantities of labels, data file upload and printer specific label file downloads are available. * Labels can be generated from the customer's data files and placed in "mailboxes'' for the suppliers or users. * The software can be installed and integrated with on customers web site. Company Basic Service is set up on Unibar's Web server and made available to the Company's Suppliers or Customers (Associate Companies) for use in doing business with the contracting company. Enhanced User Services will be offered to suppliers if they wish to pay a small fee. These services include a web database to reduce data entry, possibly additional labels, and their own ID & password. Unibar Web Label pricing for the standard service starts a $89 per month for 1000 labels creations. The one-time Standard set up fee costs $995, for label design and set up, with company logo and customer specified ID and password. Additional services, such as additional label templates, multiple ID's and passwords, are priced separately. More about Unibar, Inc. Unibar, Inc. is a privately-owned corporation located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The company was founded in 1990 (originally PostSaver Systems) to develop and market bar code printing software. Unibar specializes in barcode printing software for UNIX, Linux, NT/ Windows server environments, with offerings for web environments.

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