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Raine Consulting Releases: The Third Wave

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago, IL, (November 8, 2001) Raine Consulting, Inc. has released its third white paper in the "wave" series, targeted at the buyers and suppliers of print and related industries. The First Wave, referring to an earlier Raine white paper titled "Transition of the Printing Industry to the Internet" gave printers a wake-up call about the ‘Internet barbarians at the gate’ called eCommerce Providers. The Second Wave titled "Webifying the Printing Industry" examined the 7 warning signals of impending change and how the Internet will force printers to change the way they do business forever. The Second Wave also identified another category of new entrants to watch called " eCommerce Gorillas." These "Gorillas" tend to be Global 2000 corporations that come with trusted brands, deep pockets, generations of market experience, and instant scalability. The story continues to a Third Wave. Despite the rise and fall of eCommerce Providers, and the slowness of eCommerce Gorillas to reveal themselves; there are other industries and other players very much interested in the lessons learned by printers. In an attempt to solve customer problems, these Third Wave companies are colliding into the printer’s domain. The threat? These new entrants try to marginalize the business of print. The Third Wave tells printers the future is now to discard the status quo, make smart choices around technology and new business models, and capture the opportunities for which they are uniquely qualified. "The Third Wave does tell tales but ones that need to be told," says Susan Kelly, CEO and founder of Raine Consulting. "The printing industry is one of the oldest businesses on earth and this white paper looks at some examples where ‘printer proven’ technology has helped other businesses redefine growth. Now more than ever, it’s time to figure out how printers can leverage technology to create a new roadmap: one that is directed towards new markets, new customers, and ultimately new growth during these tough and unpredictable economic times." The Third Wave white paper is divided into three sections. The first section looks at where the Printing industry is today. The second section contains tales of inventive pride and new frontiers where stories have yet to be written. Section Three takes on a prescriptive note to help CEO’s re-gear themselves towards the most essential tasks at hand: Generating Sales and Making Smart Technology Choices. "Anyone running a printing company today will find Raine’s Four-Step Process for technology planning an excellent guide to solid growth," per Ms. Kelly. A common thread throughout the Third Wave deals with understanding profit somersaults in the printing industry. These swings in profitability are symptoms of a bigger problem: The Printing Press, affectionately called the heavy iron, is now the tail and not the dog when it comes to the business of print. "Print must flip on its head and get outside of itself in order to grow. In other words, the printer’s technology infrastructure has become the dog. Those who come to grips with what the print business is, and more importantly, what it is not will make the reinforcing choices to be the sustainable businesses of tomorrow," quips Kelly. Also released is the companion Third Wave Workshops„. "Many new concepts, tools, and methodologies around business optimization in the printing industry are introduced throughout this whitepaper," says Kelly. "A concentrated workshop incorporating these new ideas are designed to assist Printing executives and their teams accelerate their understanding around the impacts of technology on their business and to fast-track their way to new growth opportunities." There are Nine (9) modules available for Third Wave Workshops„. Clients can choose and customize the modules most relevant to their audience in a one-day or half-day workshop session. As of November 1st, 2001, copies of whitepaper The Third Wave and all previous whitepapers can be downloaded free-of-charge at www.RaineConsulting.com.

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