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GENICOM Delivers ROI Analysis Quantifying Savings, Implementing e-Forms

Press release from the issuing company

CHANTILLY, Va., Sept. 24 GENICOM announced today that it is using a Return-On-Investment (ROI) model and accompanying methodology to quantify customer cost savings of implementing its Intellipress laser printer based e-forms solutions over current impact printer applications. The model shows monthly savings, summarizes 3-year and 5-year savings, and indicates the number of months to achieve payback. "In today's economy, purchases are no longer driven solely by quality improvements, you must also be able to show significant cost savings over current methods'' said Lance Wolak, GENICOM Senior Product Manager. "Not just claims but verifiable savings. With our consultative approach, we have been able to quantify significant annual savings, and in many cases have quantified a payback within the first year of implementation. GENICOM's extensive experience in impact printing environments makes us uniquely qualified to transition companies to new laser printer based e-forms solutions.'' GENICOM's ROI model analyzes a customer's current expenses associated with printing documents on pre-printed forms with impact printers. The expenses include the ongoing purchase of pre-printed multi-part forms, as well as the cost of maintaining impact and thermal printing equipment. The accompanying methodology identifies the labor associated with handling printed documents and associated labels -- such as bursting and decollating pre-printed forms, creating shipping and bar code labels. The expenses associated with the new e-forms solution are compared to the customer's current expenses and the ROI analysis is generated. Example A typical company may be printing on 5 different types of pre-printed, multi-part forms. The current expenses would include the monthly cost of paper forms, the monthly cost of maintenance for the impact printers, and the monthly printer consumables, totaling $3300 per month. The proposed expenses in this example would include the equipment cost of the new laser printers with Intellipress software and e-forms, the monthly cost of cut-sheet paper, the monthly cost for maintenance, and the monthly cost of consumables. The cost savings, not including the new equipment cost, would be $1000 per month. When the new equipment costs are included, the three-year savings would be $31,000, and the five-year savings would be $55,000. The return on investment would be achieved in 5 months. The GENICOM sales team and Intellipress Authorized Resellers are conducting the ROI analysis with their customers today. To obtain either a preliminary or a complete ROI analysis, contact GENICOM at 1-800-GENICOM.