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New GlobalColor Features Products for Device Profiling and Remote Proofing

Press release from the issuing company

Global Graphics Software, a division of Global Graphics(Nasdaq Europe: GLGR, Euronext: GLOG), today announced GlobalColor, a new line of standalone color management products and new color technology to complement the Harlequinand JawsRIPs that offer graphics professionals better control over how color is acquired, displayed, proofed and produced within all-digital production workflows. Global Graphics Software also announced it has signed an exclusive agreement with Greenville, SC-based lotsadots, inc. to co-develop and market this new line of color management tools. lotsadots is a color technology software developer with extensive experience in ICC-based color management. Their customer base comes from a wide range of industries with mission critical color issues. GlobalColor includes a series of software utilities for calibrating and profiling color monitors and printers according to the industry-standard International Color Consortium (ICC) format. It also features two unique, visual collaboration software systems that allow graphics professionals and clients to proof jobs in-progress and to conduct press checks interactively, in real time, on color-calibrated monitors from any location. These new standalone color management products as well as the new color technology for the Jaws interpreter are available immediately and will be sold through Global Graphics' extensive distribution channel of more than 100 OEMs. The GlobalColor line complements Global Graphics' HarlequinICC Profile Processor and Harlequin Full Color System in-RIP color management products that are integrated into Global Graphics' OEM's products and aimed at high-end prepress production applications. "With the addition of the new GlobalColor product line, we now offer a wide range of comprehensive, end-user solutions for controlling color across the document management spectrum. These new tools can be applied to tasks from job creation to finished product in print or on the Web, and across the device spectrum from color monitors, scanners and digital cameras to digital proofers and printers," remarked Jim Freidah, president and chief operating officer, Global Graphics Software. "Our partnership with lotsadots and the addition of the GlobalColor product line will ensure our OEMs have access to an ICC-compatible open solution for all their color control needs." Dan Caldwell, Director of OEM Business, lotsadots, commented: "lotsadots' strong experience built around our industry-recognized color technology team, along with our cross-industry view of color critical issues, gives Global Graphics Software a color partner who can provide innovative solutions to their expanding market. We look forward to a long partnership that will improve color out of the box for all customers while providing the color reproduction professional the ultimate in color control when using Global Graphics products." New products in the GlobalColor line include: Jaws in-RIP profiling This profiling engine for the Jaws RIP prints a target and builds a profile from colorimetric measurements used to calibrate a printer. The Jaws profiling engine allows Global Graphics and its OEMs to include color management in any product based on the Jaws RIP, including Jaws PDF Creator and PDF Courier and Jaws-based embedded controllers and document servers. ICC Color Switchboard The Color Switchboard allows users of Jaws-based products to select their own personal ICC profiles within a listed device to be used for all color transformations within the RIP. ICC Display Profiler The Display Profiler is a standalone application that Global Graphics OEMs can include with their products to ensure any color monitor will achieve the closest color for a target application. Display Profiler is used with the new Remote Director visual collaboration system to ensure displaying the best possible soft proof. Display profiler is available for both Windows and Macintosh products. David Boxall, vice president of sales and marketing, Global Graphics Software commented, "These ICC based solutions will support profiles built from any ICC compatible color management software, however the profile creation tools available in our GlobalColor product line are 'best of class,' designed to provide unsurpassed quality and performance. Each Global Graphics OEM may offer a variety of these tools to best enhance the color quality and control of their products for end users." Remote Director Interactive Remote Proofing Collaboration System Global Graphics new Remote Director is the first software product that allows graphics professionals to proof color job elements interactively, with calibrated digital accuracy, from any location served by a broadband communications link. This new collaborative remote proofing software, initially available only for Macintosh users, can reduce or completely eliminate the time-consuming, highly iterative and costly procedures associated with traditional production color proofing methods and dramatically increase productivity and reduce costs. Remote Director software utilizes color-calibrated monitors, a proprietary new image format to facilitate rapid transmission and an AdobePhotoshopexport plug in for making edits to color and content in real time. It lets users communicate with each other through the system's integrated video/voice conferencing (broad band) and instant text messaging (slower connections) capabilities, navigate through a job, and zoom up to 1500 percent to view individual job elements. "Remote Director makes it possible for everybody responsible for a job to discuss, edit and sign off on a proof, in real time, without having to ever generate a hard copy. It marks a significant step forward in making the all-digital workflow a reality for graphics professionals and their clients," David Boxall explained. "Instead of making and sending a series of analog or digital hardcopy proofs between art director, client and service provider, the job can be displayed, corrected and approved in real time in a single session, at potentially huge savings in costs and time." Precision color accuracy is achieved through compliance with ICC profiling and AppleColorSynctechnology. The system also provides a gamut check to show what colors are compressed to the display's color space, out of calibration warnings for each display in a session, and output profile simulations for soft proofing within the output printer's gamut. With Remote Director, when any participant circles something on their screen, all others in the session can see what they're doing, and discuss it via the video and audio link. Remote Director includes licenses for a host, and one or more viewers and guests. Each participant must have a Macintosh G4 computer and a 22-inch Apple Cinema display. Remote PressCheck Global Graphics' new Remote PressCheck software carries the collaborative proofing process one step further than Remote Director by allowing graphics professionals to sign off on the final print run. Remote PressCheck allows the scan of a press sheet of up to 30 by 40 inches to be made in less than five minutes and to be transmitted in a proprietary new file format to approvers' color-calibrated monitors at any location. Approvers have access to the same features as the Remote Director software for viewing the file and interacting with other session participants. The resolution and zoom functions allow users to see the screening, trapping, registration and all other quality checks normally inspected with a loupe. Once approved, Remote PressCheck provides a secure sign off capability for the customer and printer. "Today, clients, graphics professionals and print providers are located at sites physically removed from one another, at least across town and often in a different city or country," remarked Boxall. "Remote Director and Remote PressCheck make it easy to sign off on color proofs and the final print product from remote locations, whether the job is being produced across town or halfway across the planet, and save a great deal of time and money in the process." Global Graphics will begin shipping the GlobalColor products and Remote Directorsoftware to its OEMs starting the first of Oct. Remote PressCheck software is being beta tested at two locations in the US and will be released during the fourth quarter of 2001. Pricing of all the new GlobalColor products will be determined by Global Graphics OEMs. All of the new GlobalColor products are being demonstrated in Global Graphics Booth, #7105, PRINT '01.

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