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WAM!NET Enhances Managed Network, File Transport Service

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO--Sept. 6, 2001-- WAM!NET, a provider of global information technology and digital media solutions, today announced that it has launched a new version of its Direct! fully managed networking and file transport service. Now being delivered to existing and new customers, the upgrade provides WAM!NET's print production, publishing, advertising, corporate, government, healthcare and entertainment clients with several new features and architectural improvements. Significantly, these improvements also have resulted in performance improvement gains of up to 300%, particularly in workflows that require a large number of files to ship over a short period of time. New Direct! Features * Infrastructure to Support XML (Extensible Markup Language) API (application program interface): The new release incorporates the infrastructure for a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)-compliant API. This represents a shift from proprietary code to open standards based on XML, allowing for easier integration with third-party applications and the development of new features based on customers' unique requirements. Additionally, WAM!NET has adopted an XML metadata mechanism, JCF (job control format), which automatically parses metadata from job tickets for easy importing into customers' applications. This enhances metadata readability, maintainability, and extensibility. * Enhanced Large File Delivery: With the new release, WAM!NET has eliminated the need to "bundle'' files of greater than two megabytes. This not only saves CPU cycles and disk space, but also eliminates previous file size limitations. * Support for WAM!PROOF: Transmission Manager(TM), a WAM!NETsoftware application that integrates digital file transport, workflow automation, job validation and job management, now includes support for WAM!PROOF, the company's remote digital proofing and printing solution that allows clients to output to remote Postscript compatible color copiers, laser printers and proofing devices in real-time. * Improved Support for Render On Demand: Users of WAM!NET Render on Demand(TM) (ROD!(TM)), an outsourced, pay-per-use rendering service for professional digital content creators, now are able to FTP their content to WAM!NET WorkSpace(TM), an on-line service that combines the simplicity of an FTP file server with on-line collaboration and workflow tools, and a web browser interface -- a robust and flexible solution for the sharing of files with remote offices or customers. Tim Elliott, executive director, WAM!NET Global Marketing, commented on the service upgrade. "Based on customer input, we've delivered significant new features and performance, including enhanced delivery support for large files and the implementation of an open standards XML structure that allows for easy development and integration of new features based on customers' specific workflow needs. In cases where workflows require a large number of files to ship in a short period of time, we've also seen file transfer performance improvements of more than 300% with this new release.'' WAM!NET's Network Services enable customers to efficiently collaborate online and share large digital files, shortening production cycles and reducing costs. WAM!NET Direct! Service is the company's fastest, most secure and reliable network service. Supporting both static- and motion-based media, the service provides direct, guaranteed access and file transport over WAM!NET's managed network. Clients receive a dedicated connection to the WAM!NET managed network through a C-POP device. WAM!NET also offers ISDN and Internet access to its network services.