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WAM!NET Highlights Full Range of Digital Print Production Services At Print 01

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO--Sept. 6, 2001 WAM!NET, a provider of global information technology and digital media solutions, will demonstrate its portfolio of network, data storage, application hosting and professional services for print production workflows at Print '01, September 6-13, 2001 (Print '01 Booth No. 7020), held at McCormick Center in Chicago. Designed to help customers achieve secure, seamless connectivity between their entire supply chains within a fully digital workflow, WAM!NETservices revolutionize the way they efficiently move, share, store and archive valuable business assets. At Print '01, WAM!NET also will highlight new partnerships with printCafe, Corbis Images, and Zuma Interactive. The company partners with third-party application providers to host and, through its network and data storage services, provide access to workflow applications that enhance customers' workflows and support their business objectives. * printCafe / WAM!NET Print Procurement and Production Solution: A print procurement and production solution that allows print buyers and their suppliers, and other organizations to conduct their print buying and print production workflow activities within a single secure, online digital environment. The agreement leverages WAM!NET's portfolio of fully managed networking and file transfer services that allow customers to collaborate with their clients and trading partners in a secure, fully managed global digital print production environment, and printCafe's EnterpriseSite, an integrated print procurement solution that enables users to specify virtually any type of print project, obtain estimates, track the status of a project in real time, manage invoicing, and report on a broad range of performance summaries and analyses. * Corbis / WAM!NET Royalty Free Solution: In partnership with Corbis, WAM!NET provides subscription-based access to more than Corbis 25,000 Royalty Free images along with remote online data storage services - a solution that directly addresses the digital workflow requirements of corporations, publishers, agencies and other creative professionals. The service allows customers to quickly search for and download images, edit meta-data, and store and archive content, while eliminating the barriers associated with traditional image delivery, such as lost or outdated content. * Zuma Interactive / WAM!NET Online Project Tracking and Data Storage Solution: A robust, automated project management and data storage service that allows organizations with multiple partners and/or locations to easily track, store, archive and manage their projects and complex production processes collaboratively within a digital environment. Leveraging WAM!NET's global IT services platform and application hosting services, and Zuma's software architecture design and application development expertise, the companies' joint offering makes available SmarTrack 2.0, Zuma's project tracking software application, and WAM!NET's remote, online data storage and archive service, via WAM!NET's global network. WAM!NET Services include managed network, data storage, application hosting and professional services capabilities. * Managed Network Services: WAM!NET enables customers to efficiently collaborate online and share large digital files, shortening production cycles and reducing costs. Available on an outsourced, subscription basis, the company provides three levels of network services: WAM!NET Direct!(TM) Service is the company's fastest, most secure and reliable network service, supporting both still and motion-based media. WAM!NET ISDN Connect Service provides customers with secure, predictable connectivity to the WAM!NET private network via an ISDN dial-up connection. WAM!NET Internet Gateway Service combines the simplicity of Internet access with the security of WAM!NET's private network, allowing industry partners to exchange data files over the Internet in a more predictable, secure and trackable fashion. * WAM!NET Storage Services: WAM!NET delivers an expanded portfolio of storage services that help customers efficiently manage data throughout the workflow, from content creation to the final production and management of digital assets. Available on an outsourced, subscription basis, WAM!NET's storage services are accessible via the company's managed network or a secure Internet connection through WAMNET.COM(TM). The company's storage services include WAM!NET WorkSpace(TM), an online, accessible disk drive for works in progress, and WAM!BASEArchive Service, a centralized, off-site management and storage service for completed projects. Both services offer a range of storage capacity levels to meet customers' unique media production and distribution, and digital asset management requirements. As with WAM!NET's other service offerings, customers consume and pay for storage services on a subscription or pay-per-use basis. * WAM!NET WorkSpace: WAM!NET WorkSpace is an on-line service for collaborative workgroups, including corporate clients, advertising agencies, web site developers, print production professionals and others who create, manage, share, publish, distribute and store digital media. WorkSpace combines the simplicity of an FTP file server with on-line collaboration and workflow tools, a web browser interface and the ability to access the system as a network drive. Further, the service enables collaboration by providing on-line, accessible storage for works-in-progress. * Hosted Workflow Applications: Hosted applications embedded in WAM!NET Services enhance digital collaboration and improve workflow efficiency. Tools include electronic job tickets, which provide critical information about each digital file shipment, and WAM!NET InfoCenter, a service that allows customers to manage their WAM!NET distribution online. * Other hosted industry applications and tools include the WAM!PROOFRemote Proofing Service, a service that enables clients and their creative teams to output and review hard copy proofs from any PostScript(TM) device. * WAM!NET Hosting Services also can ease the burden on IT and finance departments and allow customers to concentrate on their core competencies. Leveraging its suite of IT services, WAM!NET can install, configure, operate and maintain the required network and data storage systems, data center and hosting facilities, and supporting hardware and software necessary to run and deliver customer applications. * WAM!NET Professional Services can help you assess, customize and implement WAM!NET solutions to address your organization's shared digital workflow challenges. We bring a significant depth of experience and expertise related to successfully implementing fully managed networking, data storage and archiving, and application hosting services within complex digital content creation, distribution and management workflows. Our end-to-end, turnkey solutions ensure your success by enabling collaboration among your broad communities of interest, allowing you to share assets-in-production or entire digital asset libraries. WAM!NET Solutions leverage the company's managed network, data storage, hosting and professional services: * Ad Distribution - WAM!NET provides advertisers with the most cost-effective means for distributing their message across all mediums. As a replacement for traditional courier services, FTP servers and other costly and time-intensive methods, WAM!NET provides a guaranteed solution for the delivery of advertisements in the Print, Radio and Television industries. * Optical Media - WAM!NET Direct! Service provides the Optical Media Industry with the only viable alternative to removable media and traditional courier services. More than just an alternative method of shipping files, WAM!NET creates a unique competitive advantage for customers involved in the production of CD's and DVDs. * WAM!NET Virtual Direct! - A flexible smart way to manage your bandwidth -- Use WAM!NET WorkSpace for temporary storage and rely on the WAM!NET data center's bandwidth to take the strain, as opposed to your local loop. We create a WorkSpace volume for you in our data center that can behave in similar fashion to the WAM!NET Purple Box that our Direct! Service customers use to access our network. Now, your customers can connect and send files just like they would to a Purple Box or via other methods. WorkSpace acts as an FTP Server, a Web Server and an Apple File Server simultaneously, so they can connect using any standard protocol that suits their needs.

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