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ImageSmart Software from Heidelberg Enables Integrated Digital Print Workflow

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ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0 features Heidelberg-created plug-in for more productive workflow Digital print providers can manage their documents faster and easier – with the click of a mouse – with the new ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0. The ImageSmart software is a complete workflow software employing a PDF-based open-architecture. ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0 from Heidelberg provides expanded func-tionality for high-volume print systems, including the Digimaster 9110 Network Imaging System. Easy to use, the new software features simple “point-and-click” and “drag-and-drop” functionality with a simple user interface for intuitive naviga-tion. The software‘s centerpiece is the new SmartBoard plug-in from Heidelberg, enabling a range of new functions in the ImageSmart Document Mastering application. It provides full support of job tickets and enables users to easily change paper color or sizes within a document, update paper catalogs, specify finishing options, such as stitching and bookletmaking, and import documents directly from the ImageSmart Document Library, a secure storage area for electronic docu-ments. “This new ImageSmart product reinforces Heidelberg’s commitment to improving print businesses‘ digital workflow,” said Gerry Giuliano, ImageSmart Technical Marketing Manager for NexPress Solutions LLC, which markets products manu-factured by Heidelberg’s Digital Solution Center. “With ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0, we are giving customers a total PDF-based workflow package that is easy to use and will boost productivity and profitability.“ Giuliano noted that Document Mastering 2.0 also serves as a basis for future ImageSmart solutions that support the job definition format (JDF). ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0 is the latest offering in Heidelberg‘s ImageSmart Workflow Suite, a product portfolio built on a scalable, open architecture and designed to improve the digital printing workflow. ImageSmart software helps printers maximize their capabilities and provides powerful job submission and document mastering functions. ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0 utilizes the industry-standard AdobeAcrobat5.0 software. SmartBoard Plug-In At the heart of the Document Mastering 2.0 application is a new plug-in developed by Heidelberg. The SmartBoard plug-in greatly expands the functionality of the Document Mastering software. ·Full integration of job tickets. Users can create custom job tickets; create, store and retrieve document-level job tickets; view and customize job and ac-counting settings; and save job tickets for specific jobs. ·Page-level functionality. Page-level features can be easily selected within a document, such as changing paper color or paper sizes within a document. It’s intuitive, using the easy-to-use visual interface. ·Paper catalog updates. Printers can keep customers updated on their paper selections by sending files to customers, who can insert the file into Smart-Board. ·High-speed direct printing. Allowing full access to the Digimaster 9110, users can print directly from the plug-in, using job tickets. ·Document importing. The plug-in provides interaction with the ODMA-based ImageSmart Document Library, so users can open documents directly into Document Mastering 2.0. PDF, TIFF and PostScript level 2 or 3 documents can be opened automatically. Other file types, such as Quark, PageMaker and Illustrator, are converted to PDF before opening. ·Portable file. The software embeds all printing and finishing information into the PDF file, giving users a portable file that can be accessed by other customers who employ the SmartBoard plug-in. Greater Workflow Control Like its version 1.5 predecessor, ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0 delivers benefits of the universal PDF file format. It enables print customers to perform basic capabilities, such as cutting, copying and pasting; cropping images; erasing pixel-level image data within a PDF file; drawing a pixel or line into a current image; adjusting contrast and/or brightness; and adjusting hue, saturation and/or brightness. This allows collaboration between the printer and the customer to ensure customer requirements are being met. In addition, the SmartBoard plug-in increases printers‘ productivity by allowing print-ready files submitted by customers to be preflighted automatically with hard-copy proofing. Configurations and Availability Heidelberg will offer the ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0 in two configura-tions: ·ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.0 Suite for a complete turnkey PDF work-flow. ·ImageSmart Document Mastering SmartBoard for printing environments al-ready employing Adobe Acrobat 5.0. The plug-in-only option provides flexibil-ity for customers already using a PDF-based workflow. Both configurations will be available in English, German and French in select markets in the first quarter of 2002.