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ProfileMaker 4.0 from GretagMacbeth Expands Capabilities for Color Management

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, IL; September 6, 2001 — In PRINT ‘01 booth 5325 GretagMacbeth is introducing ProfileMaker Professional 4.0 color management software, the latest version of its comprehensive, high-end color management tool kit, that now provides full support for the latest multicolor output devices capable of up to 7-channel printing, including PANTONEHexachrome. Version 4.0 works on both Macintosh and Windows platform right out of the box and features a more streamlined user interface, which simplifies and speeds the process of creating and editing profiles. In addition to ongoing demonstrations of ProfileMaker 4.0 in the GretagMacbeth booth, visitors can also see ProfileMaker profiles in action at Pantone Inc., in booth 5146 on the PRINT ‘01 show floor. Pantone will be utilizing the ProfileMaker 4.0 profiles in conjunction with their new PANTONE Hexware2.0, a plug-in to AdobePhotoShopand Illustratorwhich allows designers and prepress shops to prepare six-color Hexachromeseparations. Pantone plans to include Hexachrome profiles produced with ProfileMaker on their Hexware 2.0 release CD. Says Iris Mangelschots, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at GretagMacbeth, ”The enhancements in this latest version of ProfileMaker, including the ability to create and edit profiles for Hexachrome and printing devices that go beyond the traditional CMYK or RGB, make the software even more indispensable for color professionals. It lets them create accurate and reliable ICC-profiles and perform color management for the most advanced printing devices available today to meet their customers’ evolving needs.” Enhancements to ProfileMaker 4.0 ProfileMaker Professional is composed of modules that correspond to the different tasks in a typical color management workflow. The main application module, ProfileMaker, calculates ICC profiles for a broad range of input and output devices, including flat panel displays and digital cameras. Version 4.0 includes the ability to create 5-, 6-, and 7-channel ICC printer profiles including PANTONE Hexachrome profiles, improved saturation rendering intent for more vivid colors, control of the black width, user defined settings for the black point, gray axis control and a choice between automatic or user defined black point generation. The MeasureTool module handles the data collection required for computing profiles and works with a broad range of color measurement instruments (from GretagMacbeth and other companies) including the new iCColor spectral chart reader being highlighted at Print 01. New in Version 4.0 is the ability to adapt several monitors to a reference monitor and to calibrate multiple monitors connected to a single workstation. The ProfileEditor module has undergone significant enhancements to simplify the editing process. The newest version helps guide the user through the process of editing all types of profiles, including multi-color profiles. The user defines up to three profiles – input, output and simulation and then defines the workflows (e.g., proofing simulation) and rendering intents to be edited. Users can adjust lightness, contrast and saturation as well as any point on the gradation curve. Direct editing of gray balance allows for quick and easy fine-tuning of profiles. To achieve the most accurate proofing simulation, white point values can be edited using familiar CMYK or RGB values. Selective color correction has been enhanced to allow the user to precisely define and edit a specific color, or range of colors, by selecting the center point of the range and individually selecting upper and lower limits for L, c and h. Lastly, users can view and compare the gamuts of different profiles in either two or three dimensions, providing a better sense of the colors each device is capable of imaging. The ColorPicker module ensures accurate matching of spot colors and allows users to define their own color palettes New in Version 4.0 is support for multicolor profiles, the new PANTONE coated, uncoated and matte reference libraries, and a ”minimize” function that allows users to automatically fine tune spot colors in the target color space with the push of a button. GretagMacbeth plans to ship ProfileMaker 4.0 in October.

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