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New Book Released: Pin it to the mat!, Wrestling Legacy Data to the Web and Beyond

Press release from the issuing company

Hurst,TX - August 22, 2001: Watch out! Terabytes of legacy data are languishing in corporate printing environments worldwide, while the Web, cell phones, and even electronic ink devices patiently wait for it to come out and play. Wrestling Legacy Data to the Web & Beyond, the newest book from PC McGrew and WD McDaniel for MC2 Books, reveals the secrets behind the enterprise print data formats and the most effective paths to new and exciting information distribution. Find out everything you need to know about how the corporate data got the way it is so that you can re-purpose it and migrate it to new devices without fear! Find out how to do it without going bankrupt or destroying the corporate infobase. Corporate managers already know that working with corporate legacy data is the hardest assignment in the workplace. They get the assignment to legacy data projects based on past success, but often lack the background to understand the problems posed by the data and the programs that generate it. The technicians and programmers assigned often spend more time playing detective, searching production libraries, databases, and old documentation as they try to understand how today’s production files are really created, processed, and printed. If they miss a clue it can mean wasted time, wasted money, and failed projects. Wrestling Legacy Data walks you through the process of doing an inventory of your print applications to sort out the best candidates for re-purposing and those that need to be re-built. The common enterprise print formats, IBM’s AFP and Xerox Metacode/DJDE get the primary coverage, followed by PCL, PostScript, PDF and XML. Fonts and graphics, including where to go for help, are featured in their own chapters. Steve Manske, a senior principal with Advanced Business Technologies, says: [This book is] very thorough, but understandable by the layperson. This is a "must read" for anyone involved in our industry. IT resolves all of the mysteries that have surrounded this subject for years. Adding value to the book are three appendices that give pointers to publications, user groups, technical manuals, and vendor web sites. Wrestling Legacy Data to the Web & Beyond: Practical Solutions for Managers & Technicians joins Designing a Document Strategy by Kevin Craine, and Critical Mass: A Primer for Living with the Future by McGrew & McDaniel in the MC2 line-up August 28th.

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