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New Web Browser Client OPI Print Manager Presented By Monotype Systems

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL (August 6, 2001) – Monotype Systems Incorporated announced the release of the new MGS3 (OPI Print Manager) Web Client. This software gives the user the capability of setting up, monitoring and controlling their OPI system, all from a regular web browser. MGS3 is a PostScript™ productivity tool offering a graphics database, OPI server, print spooler, e-mail notification, load leveling, network routing, PostFlight PostScript error checking, plus remote monitoring and administration capabilities using a standard HTML Web browser. The intention behind this program is to replace the legacy PC & Mac clients, and to integrate and expand the current web-based monitor. The new MGS3 Web Client can search the Image DataBase, log Hi-Res images, retrieve Low Resolution elements, change the MGS3 configuration, start/stop MGS3, and provide current status information on Logger and Spooler Queues. This software expands the control of MGS3 out of the Computer Room. Now, with the proper security clearance, the MGS3 Administrator can configure, monitor and control almost every single aspect of MGS3 from a PC/Mac or any platform from which NetScape and/or Internet Explorer is available. The software presents several options for users, from the casual user who just wants to search the database, through the MGS3 operator who is able to control the processes, all the way up to the Administrator, who can change the MGS3 configurations. The Web-Client is now able to present all the different configuration screens, in a way that resembles all the familiar Solaris GUIs. The database search has been expanded to present the results in sortable lists, allowing expanded criteria to select and find the correct images. Groups of images can be easily selected for Deletion. Images can be also logged directly through the client, and Low-Res files can be extracted from the database selecting the proper format of EPS or TIFF. Administrators and Operators can easily monitor the status of MGS3 through the Logger Log and Printer Log. Both have configurable refresh rates. PostScript jobs can also be sent from the Browser, for testing purposes. The Web-Client will acknowledge the receipt and correct printing of them. The software is highly configurable, and presents default options for displays and choices for colors by users. This solution is based on PHP code and JavaScript, running on Apache Web Servers.

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