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CDXC Asset Software Helps America’s Most Wanted Catch Criminals

Press release from the issuing company

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 24, 2001. Since its debut on February 7, 1988, America's Most Wanted, the popular TV series broadcast by the FOX Network, has been using the highly effective medium of television to aid in the capture of fugitives and recovery of missing persons. The television show, which attracts an average of 14 million viewers each week, airs case profiles and mug shots, which assist law enforcement agencies by creating public awareness. Viewers with information about cases or possible sightings call an America’s Most Wanted tip line, which routes the new leads to the appropriate agency. To date, America’s Most Wanted has aided in the capture of more than 670 fugitives, simply by informing the public. Now, with the help of two technology companies, America’s Most Wanted is adding powerful new weapons to their arsenal in the fight against crime. The technologies, developed independently, serve two entirely different purposes. The first, called FACES, has been developed by IQ Biometrix of Montreal, Québec, Canada. FACES is an easy-to-use software application that allows law enforcement agencies to quickly build photo-accurate facial composites. FACES software can re-create billions of faces of any race or gender between the ages of 17 and 60 years old. Once a composite has been constructed, it is converted to an alphanumeric code that represents the blueprint for reconstructing the composite. In this way, the software’s innovative "intercode" system allows law enforcement agencies to quickly distribute exact duplicates of a composite to other agencies, rather than sending smudgy photos or facsimiles. CDXC Corporation of Saint Paul, Minnesota has developed the second technology, called Visual Capture. Visual Capture is an Internet-accessible database of the more than 5,000 unsolved criminal cases that exist at any particular moment. Law enforcement agencies are able to upload new cases or search the database for names, criminal methods, or other information that could help establish patterns and solve crimes. The powerful search capabilities will allow law enforcement agencies to access information in seconds via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The information includes case data and mug shots, which can be downloaded and printed. Future versions of the technology will include the ability to view and download supporting multimedia, such as surveillance videos. The law enforcement community at large is thrilled with the technology. "By profiling cases and informing the public, America’s Most Wanted has been visibly proactive in assisting law enforcement to solve cases and bring fugitives to justice," said Michael W. Streed, Police Officer and Forensic Artist with the City of Orange (California) Police Department. "Now, the behind-the-scenes assistance of these new technologies supplied by America’s Most Wanted, IQ Biometrix and CDXC will help even more to improve efficiency and quickly bring cases to a close." About IQ Biometrix IQ Biometrix, a world leader in the development of facial imagery technology, is the inventor of FACES facial composite software and other state-of-the-art products that address critical issues in the crime-prevention, education and entertainment industries. FACES has set a worldwide standard for facial imagery and the transmission of crime-prevention data. About CDXC Corporation CDXC Corporation is a developer of Internet-based applications for the creative community. CDXC technology allows companies to manage, exchange, archive, convert and deliver their digital assets, all through the use of a standard web browser.