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Imation Showcases Full Line of Storage Solutions At Macworld Expo 2001

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NEW YORK--July 18, 2001--Imation Corp., a worldwide leader in data storage and information management, will feature its complete portfolio of personal storage solutions offerings in Booth #1601 during Macworld Expo at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York, July 18-20, 2001. The show highlights Imation's expanding product portfolio of personal storage solutions offering - including digital devices, drives, media and accessories. "Macintosh users, such as digital video and design professionals, typically generate a large amount of information and require unique storage solutions to manage their information,'' said Steve Carter, vice president and general manager of Imation's Personal Storage Solutions business. "With Imation's expanding portfolio of digital media, devices, drives, and accessories, we offer a full range of solutions for Mac users to more quickly and efficiently access and manage their digital information at home, in the office or on the go.'' Imation Expands Personal Storage Portfolio of Optical Offerings Among its storage media offerings at the show, Imation will preview Imation DataPlay digital media - the affordable, miniature optical media the size of a quarter. Imation DataPlay digital media is designed to let users download and record 500MB of digital content - music, books, games, computer files - on a single disc and play it back on any DataPlay-enabled device, such as digital music players, e-books, portable games or digital cameras. A single disc is capable of holding a staggering amount of information, whether it's hours of music, hundreds of photographs or volumes of written information, all with an estimated archival life of 100 years. Availability is slated for Q4 2001. Imation will highlight its new Imation 24X CD-R media - a recordable CD designed for the next wave of high-speed CD-R and CD-RW drives. The write-once discs, available in silver, black and five neon colors, offer an increased storage capacity of 700MB of data or up to 80 minutes for audio files. Also featured will be its recently released Imation 4-10X High-Speed Neon CD-RW media - a high-speed, rewritable CD, available in five neon colors, featuring 650MB of data memory, an increased recording speed of 10X and totally noise-free playback. Imation 4-10X High Speed CD-RW media are compatible for recording on the latest CD-RW drives which feature the High-Speed Logo. The media can be used for playback by existing multiread drives such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and rewritable DVD. New Portable Products Ideal for Digital Music and Photography Enthusiasts Imation's new line of digital devices will also be on display, including the Imation RipGO! (TM), FlashGO! (TM) and DiscGO! (TM) devices. The new devices are designed to support the latest offerings in smaller form factor digital media and support digital music and photography applications. The Imation RipGO! is the smallest form factor available today for recording MP3 music on CDs and for high-performance playback of CD, Digital Audio MP3 and Microsoft's WMA. Its sleek, battery-powered USB CD-R drive uses mini CD-R (80mm) discs to store and play MP3 music files - allowing users to record three hours of MP3 quality music in less than five minutes. The Imation RipGO! device will be available in September at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $399.99 (actual pricing may vary). In addition, Imation will preview the Imation FlashGO! (TM) device, the world's first USB single-slot flash memory card reader/write that supports all five flash memory card formats, including Compact Flash, Smart Media, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital, and Memory Stick, and is also compatible with IBM's Microdrive. This bus-powered device allows multi-device owners to rely on one read/writer for all their memory card digital information download and upload needs. The Imation FlashGO! will be available September 2001 with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $79.99 (actual pricing may vary). The Imation DiscGO! (TM) is a portable DataPlay device with USB connectivity that provides the exchange of digital content between multiple memory card formats and Imation DataPlay digital media without the use of a PC. The Imation USB DataPlay Recorder/Player(TM) provides stylish connectivity to Macs allowing users to read and write personal content as well as play and view pre-recorded content from DataPlay digital media. Imation DiscGO! and the Imation USB DataPlay Recorder/Player are slated for commercial availability in Q4 2001. Imation Highlights Travan Technology for Graphic Professionals By combining the speed of FireWire with the vast storage capacity of Travan(TM) technology, the Travan FireWire 20GB Tape Drive for the Mac or PC delivers a world-class solution for backing up digital video, graphics and other storage-intensive applications. Designed for digital video and graphic art professionals, the Travan FireWire 20GB Tape drive is ideal for backing up "in-process'' files as well as archiving completed projects. Additionally, the 20GB compressed capacity provides the perfect solution for backing up high capacity hard drives without the user intervention required with lower capacity removable media products. Bundled with Dantz Retrospect Desktop software version 5.5, the Travan FireWire 20GB Tape Drive is now compatible with FireWire-enabled Macintosh Computers, including G3, PowerBook, iBook, and iMac DV computers as well as 1394/iLink-enabled PCs running Windows 98SE, 2000 or ME. Imation Optical Drives Gain Speed and Portability Imation will also demonstrate its expanding line of high performance CD-RW drives, including the Imation USB 4x4x6 External CD Burn-R kit. This drive kit can be installed to the Mac via a USB port or an IDE/ATAPI interface, and implements Burn Proof Technology(TM) -- a technology which prevents Buffer Under Run Error and allows users to multitask while recording a CD. Additionally, the drive kit is bundled with the popular Adaptec software suite including Adaptec Direct CD and Easy CD Creator, and includes a blank Imation CD-R and CD-RW disc. The drive kit is ideal for creating custom music or multimedia CDs, storing photos, digital images or Internet downloads, and backing up system applications. Imation Offers Unique Portable Storage Accessories Imation's new line of optical accessories will also be on display, providing convenient storage and portability of CDs. The Imation Pop-Out Neon Storage Cases are available in five cool neon colors and feature a unique pop-out mechanism that allows users to easily push an ejector button at the top of the case for quick access to CDs. The Imation CD Label-N-GO! (TM) is an all-in-one label kit that includes design software featuring more than 500 trendy designs, 50 premium-quality label sheets, an easy-to-use label applicator and a permanent marker. Ideal for home or on the go, its sleek carrying case allows quick access and creativity anytime and anywhere. Additional accessories for the CD labeling include the Imation CD label Refill Kits that include 25 and 50-pack premium quality inkjet labels, and the Imation CD Label Markers to further custom design CDs in a wide variety of colors.

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