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ScenicSoft Pandora Enhances PJTF Workflow, Adds DDES2 CAD File Format

Press release from the issuing company

Seattle, Washington - ScenicSoft Pandora has just added support for DDES2 CAD files to go with its support for CFF2 and DXF CAD file formats. Pandora now supports all major CAD file formats commonly used in packaging. Enhancements to the PJTF job tickets were also incorporated. Pandora is the first true PDF-based solution for packaging printing and is designed and built to specifically address the needs and requirements of packaging and label printers. Printers will finally be able to get the benefits of a PDF-based workflow: true page independence and greatly improved predictability, reliability, and flexibility. In addition to PDF and PostScriptoutput, Pandora can also produce job tickets in AdobePortable Job Ticket Format (PJTF). This capability enables Pandora to seamlessly inter-operate with today’s PDF-based workflow systems. Pandora Product Marketing Manager Esad Suskic said, "In Pandora 1.1, we further fine-tuned PJTF creation to provide full integration with the industry-leading workflow solutions." Several performance enhancements were implemented for working with large PDF files. Opening and previewing of large PDF files, typically with scanned images, were improved dramatically. In addition, smart caching algorithms were added to further speed up screen previews. The file opening speed and preview performance now exceed those of the industry benchmark PDF applications. Also, complexity and size boundaries were extended past those of other PDF applications. Numerous minor enhancements and features were incorporated as well. Pandora is developed entirely in Java, which enabled ScenicSoft to provide Windowsand Macintoshversions in four languages with the very first release. Pandora is delivered on a CD with all languages and platforms supported, providing maximum flexibility for our international users. This update is free to all Pandora users and is available now as a download from www.scenicsoft.com. About Pandora Pandora is the first and only packaging program to offer a native PDF-based solution. Pandora accepts PDF artwork and marks, as well as DDES2, CFF2, and DXF die files. Pandora’s color setup allows re-mapping of spot and process colors and conversion of spot colors to process, and supports PostScript Level 2 and PostScript 3 in-RIP color separations. Pandora can produce PostScript, PDF, and Adobe PJTF job tickets. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate Pandora into new and existing workflows.