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Agfa U.S. Unveils New-Generation Workflow-Automation Solution

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NEXPO New Orleans, LA - June 14, 2001 - Agfa U.S. unveiled its new-generation workflow automation solution, IntelliNet Series 2.0. The system, shown here for the first time in the U.S., includes new products as well as new releases of current IntelliNet products, providing users with Agfa's most advanced technology to date. Agfa also demonstrated easy workflow integration of its computer-to-plate and computer-to-film systems. In addition to Phoenix News for film workflows and the Polaris Platesetter Agfa featured the AgfaJet Sherpa digital inkjet proofing system with a new generation color-management system, ColorTune 4.0. The company also demonstrated its new release of its popular image-processing system, IntelliTune 2.0. Workflow Automation. IntelliNet NewsFlow 2.0 is the heart of IntelliNet Series 2, automating production workflow management with complete planning, advanced plate annotating, logging, viewing, page merging and pairing, and output capabilities. Designed for flexibility, IntelliNet NewsFlow 2.0 accepts PostScript, PDF, and TIFF files. IntelliNet is designed to help even small local newspapers take advantage of the power of computer-to-plate technology and bring new efficiency to their operations. IntelliNet NewsDrive 2.0 provides a next-generation interface to the entire Polaris family of computer-to-plate systems - taking full advantage of the system's latest features and capabilities. IntelliNet NewsDrive goes beyond TIFF buffers and other solutions to provide a complete, productivity-enhancing interface to Polaris. It integrates seamlessly with any workflow that supplies TIFF6 G4 output. Agfa IntelliNet InkSet 2.0 software produces ink-key data tailored to specific presses from ABB, EAE, and MAN Roland. Sites already using InkSet 2.0 report significant reductions in make-ready times and paper and ink waste. IntelliNet PressSite 2.0 integrates the press control system plan with the editorial plan, helping Newspapers co-ordinate and streamline production of a high volume of plates. PressSite ensures that the right plate is at the right place at the right time, and reduces platemaking errors. Several options are available for integration with presses from ABB and EAE, as well as custom integration with other press control systems. IntelliNet NewsRIP 2.0 is based on the powerful Agfa Apogee PDF RIP. The IntelliNet workflow can incorporate IntelliNet NewsRIP 2.0 and Apogee Create, enabling users to create reliable workflow-optimized PDF files. This combination creates a simple, reliable, and automated PDF workflow. IntelliNet TIFFProof 2.0 is a powerful software solution that enables newspapers to automate color proofing of TIFF, PDF, and PostScript files on Agfa Sherpa or other proofing devices. IntelliNet TIFFProof ensures simple automated, accurate content proofing of full newspaper pages. IntelliNet WebTrack 2.0 is Agfa's innovative Web-based global production tracking and proofing solution. WebTrack brings newspapers a complete, secure overview of the entire production run via a standard Web browser running on a PC or a Macintosh. Improved Image-Processing Software. IntelliTune 2.0's improved algorithms broaden the software's ability to analyze image data. Agfa's exclusive Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology automatically analyses tonal, color and spatial characteristics in every image, then calculates and applies the necessary corrections for optimal reproduction. Based on input from IntelliTune users, Agfa integrates features such as an intuitive icon-driven user interface to make the software easier to learn and more productive to use. Computer-to Plate Solutions. Agfa's Polaris family of platesetters provides the fast performance required to meet tight deadlines and capture late-breaking news. Endorsed by customers around the world, the Polaris recently made news with Agfa's 300th installation at the Omaha World-Herald. According to the newspaper's prepress manager Mike D'Agosta, "In our traditional imaging and platemaking process it would take two technicians roughly two hours to make 60 plates. Now, with the Polaris 200 and the K&F vision benders, we can have them ready in about 15 minutes. It's great." System integration manager Kristy Gerry said. "Agfa stayed true to their commitment of making this partnership successful and went above and beyond to reach the desired result," said Gerry. "That's why we selected Agfa-because of its experience with CtP in the newspaper industry and because of Agfa's commitment to match CTP performance with our expectations." The fully automated Polaris platesetter is capable of outputting 200 plates per hour at 1016 dpi. Based on a reliable and proven flatbed design, Polaris provides high-quality results every time. Agfa's N91 digital plate complements the platesetter's capabilities and provides easy handling and top performance on press to deliver the highest quality printed image. N91 plates have become the world standard for CTP plates in the Newspaper industry. Computer-to-Film. The Phoenix News drum imagesetter was designed to deliver fast throughput (faster than capstan), reliability, and the right level of quality for today's newspapers. The system offers standard resolutions from 1016 to 3000 dpi and special facsimile resolutions (from 1000 to 1056 dpi in 2 dpi increments) and customized head and tail broadsheet punch configurations. Phoenix News offers a 19" width and 18.7 x 27" (48,6 x 68,6cm) image area that matches all 18.1" broadsheet applications, as well as a wide range of commercial applications. Agfa's NewsFilm imagesetting film completes the CTF system and provides a high speed, low replenishment solution for all newspaper film users. AgfaJet Sherpa Digital Proofing Solutions. AgfaJet Sherpa 2 offers newspapers fast two-sided proofing for imposition and high-quality color proofing. The AgfaJet Sherpa can print a 36-inch proof in 4-5 min at 360 dpi. At 720 dpi it takes 9 min. Sherpa technology uses less ink than thermal print technology with a finer spot size for better ink control and adherence. The piezo-inkjet technology offers greater color accuracy than thermal printers. New screening technology in the Sherpa Proofer RIP generates 100-lpi halftone proofs. ColorTune 4.0 color-management software offers provides end-to-end color management. Printing technology algorithms let newspaper generate press-specific color profiles for accurate contract proofing. Other newly engineered algorithms let users create individual scanner profiles that accurately reproduce fine shadow detail and color subtleties.

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