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Lexmark Solutions Span Paper & Digital Worlds to Solve Enterprise Challenges

Press release from the issuing company

LEXINGTON, Ky.--June 18, 2001-- Eight new monochrome laser and multifunction (MFP) solutions, announced today by Lexmark International, Inc. will redefine the way people manage, share and print information in businesses everywhere. "The management of hardcopy and electronic documents impacts every worker and business process in corporate America today,'' said Paul Rooke, Lexmark vice president and president of its Printing Solutions and Services Division. "By managing information effectively and efficiently with advanced hardware and software products from Lexmark, companies can speed up the pace of their business, serve customers better, reduce costs and increase profits.'' Lexmark's new printing and MFP solutions establish a new industry standard for price performance, distributed finishing and multifunction capabilities in monochrome lasers and MFPs and are designed to optimize printing in Internet environments. * Breakthrough Performance: Lexmark's new T series of network laser printers offer significantly better performance at the same or lower prices than comparable competitive offerings. The new X520 and X522 MFP solutions are based on these same Lexmark T printers. The new Lexmark W820 printer sets a new, lower price point for wide format printers over 40 pages per minute (ppm). All new models offer fast print speeds for their class, whether printing on one or both sides of a piece of paper, and swift first page printing to get documents into user's hands quickly. * Affordable Distributed Finishing: Introducing yet another industry first, Lexmark brings stapling and offset stacking to letter and legal size workgroup printing. Placing these capabilities closer to the user also saves time and handles many functions that would have otherwise been completed manually or by larger, more costly devices. * Innovative Internet-Ready Printing: Lexmark's new T620in and T622in models allow printing of preprogrammed, bookmarked Web pages, bringing the power of the Internet directly to the printer. These models incorporate Lexmark's ImageQuick technology as a standard feature or it can be easily added as an optional feature to all other models. * Unique Multifunction Modularity: All of Lexmark's new models can easily and affordably be upgraded with multifunction capabilities (copy, scan, fax and print), helping information move throughout organizations at electronic speeds rather than at the pace of paper transactions. In addition, Lexmark's new X520 MFP, X522 MFP and X720 MFP models include robust printing, copying, faxing and scanning multifunction capabilities in their base configurations. All of Lexmark's multifunction printers and options, including the new X6100 MFP Option for adding copying, faxing and scanning capabilities to the W820, ship with Lexmark's Document Distributor software to help efficiently route information and streamline business processes. * Easy Installation and Management: All of Lexmark's models ship with an enhanced version of Lexmark's MarkVision Professional software at no additional cost, easing device installation, configuration and management from the desktop, server or remotely from a Web site. * Powerful Solutions: Lexmark's new models support a wide range of Lexmark-developed options that can ease the development and use of e-forms and bar codes and emulate printing in Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) or Prescribe environments. These options allow users to reduce costs and standardize on a common printer platform for all their printing needs, instead of purchasing multiple printers for each individual application. With speeds from 20 to 45 ppm, the new family of Lexmark T, W and X printing and MFP solutions offers customers dramatically improved performance, print quality, versatility and value. Additionally, Lexmark's printers support a wide range of operating systems and ship with Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections. The new models include: Lexmark W820 The Lexmark W820 is a 45 ppm, high-volume, wide format, large workgroup or departmental monochrome laser printer with advanced paper handling and finishing capabilities. When combined with Lexmark's new X6100 MFP Option, the W820 becomes an easy to use digital printer, copier, fax and scanner that can effectively manage the volumes of digital to paper and paper to digital conversions that occur in workgroups everyday. Its vast paper handling capabilities accommodate more than 3,500 sheets of input and a maximum of 3,550 sheets of output capacity. Lexmark T622 and T620 The Lexmark T622 and T620 offer print speeds of 40 and 30 ppm respectively. Designed for large and medium workgroups with complex output demands, the two monochrome laser printers offer Lexmark's unique, optional StapleSmart(TM) finisher which automatically staples and offset stacks print jobs, speeding up these processes and separating print jobs. New Web-ready models, the T620in and T622in, allow users to pull and print information from Internet and Intranet sites directly from the printer. This capability helps eliminate costly pre-printed forms and eases information management when both Internet-based and hardcopy elements are required. In addition, these printers have the flexibility to easily accommodate the new StapleSmart finisher and a five-bin mailbox or another output option, while competitive printer models make the user choose one option over another. Lexmark T522 and T520 The Lexmark T522 and T520 models, starting at estimated street prices of $899(a) and $699(a) and with print speeds of 25 ppm and 20 ppm respectively, offer new levels of price performance for smaller workgroups. These two printers share many common design characteristics and paper input options with the T620 and T622, making it easy for IT managers to incorporate a variety of models throughout an organization without requiring extensive user training. Lexmark X522 MFP, X520 MFP and X720 MFP Series Multifunction Solutions Based on the T522 and T520 network laser printers, Lexmark also offers the X522 MFP and X520 MFP for those offices looking to incorporate workgroup copying, faxing, scanning and printing into their network environments. The Lexmark X720 MFP, which is based on Lexmark's recently announced C720 color laser printer, provides color printing, copying, network scanning and faxing capabilities. For more information and specifications on Lexmark's new printers and multifunction solutions, please visit www.lexmark.com Lexmark Leasing Program Lexmark is making its new products available through an innovative financial product that combines Lexmark hardware, extended warranty and installation services into one, convenient monthly payment forthose customers looking to reduce capital expenditures. The Lexmark Leasing Program will enable customers to stay focused on their business and continually upgrade their hardware to the latest technology without an additional capital investment. Thirty-six and 60 month pricing for the Lexmark models announced today ranges from $29 per month up to $225 per month. Specific pricing by model and term length can be found at www.lexmark.com/US/Corporate/Press/PressRelease/LXKlease.html Availability Lexmark's W820, T622, T620, T522, X522 MFP, X720 MFP, and the X6100 MFP Option are available immediately from authorized Lexmark solution providers and at www.lexmark.com. The T520 and X520 MFP will be available beginning July 18. The T622in and T620in models will be available beginning August 1. Lexmark's Leasing Program is available immediately. Pricing Lexmark T622 - $1,699(a) Lexmark T522 - $899(a) Lexmark T622n - $2,149(a) Lexmark T522n - $1,299(a) Lexmark T622dn - $2,449(a) Lexmark T522dn - $1,549(a) Lexmark T622in - $2,199(a) Lexmark T620 - $1,099(a) Lexmark T520 - $699(a) Lexmark T620n - $1,579(a) Lexmark T520n - $1,049(a) Lexmark T620dn - $1,939(a) Lexmark T520d - $799(a) Lexmark T620in - $1,699(a) Lexmark T520dn - $1,129(a) StapleSmart(TM)Finisher - $799(a) Lexmark W820 - $2,899(a) Lexmark X522 MFP - $3,649(a) Lexmark W820n - $3,399(a) Lexmark X520 MFP- $1,999(a) Lexmark W820dn - $3,999(a) Lexmark X720 MFP- $4,699(a) Lexmark X6100 MFP Option - $6,679(a)