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After Two Years, Kodak Is On Track Toward Achieving 5-Year Environmental Goals

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 13 -- Eastman Kodak Company today announced the results of the second full year of effort toward achieving environmental goals aimed at greater reductions in emissions, preservation of natural resources, and further strengthening of the company's environmental management systems. "We are on track toward achieving every target, and in two categories, we have already exceeded our objectives," said R. Hays Bell, director, Health, Safety, & Environment and vice president. "While the goals apply to all our operations around the world, most of the progress is achieved here in Rochester at Kodak Park. It is important to emphasize, however, that once these goals are achieved, we will continue to drive for further improvement." The company first announced its 5-year goals program in 1999 with a target completion date of January 1, 2004. Goal: 40% reduction in emissions of 30 priority chemicals. After two years: 30% reduction achieved. It can be anticipated that by January 1, 2004, the company will have significantly exceeded this goal. Goal: 50% reduction in emissions of methylene chloride from 1997 baseline. After two years: 43% reduction achieved. The total reduction in emissions of this chemical since the Toxic Release Inventory Report was instituted by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1987 is 86%. Goal: 20% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions from power production. After two years: 8% reduction achieved. Goal: 25% reduction in the production of manufacturing waste (indexed to production). After two years: 23% reduction achieved. Eliminating waste is a critical business, as well as environmental issue for the company. Less waste means less material to be incinerated or transferred off site. Goal: 15% decrease in the use of energy. After two years: Goal exceeded -- 19% reduction in worldwide energy usage achieved. Goal: 15% decrease in the use of water. After two years: Goal exceeded -- 17% reduction in worldwide use of water achieved. Goal: Targeted elimination of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium) from products. After two years: 18.8% reduction (average for all four heavy metals) achieved, led by a 50% reduction in the use of mercury. Goal: Strengthen the company's environmental management system by having all 28 manufacturing sites certified to the ISO 14001 standard. (The international standard for assuring that a company has the right processes and procedures in place to assure environmental responsibility.) After two years: 26 sites certified. Two to go. "A great deal of credit for the success achieved after these first two years belongs to extraordinary progress made here at Kodak Park," said Bell. "Our progress results from our good use of technology, and some good old-fashioned hard work and dedication on the part of Kodak people."

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