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MediaStreet.com Turns Desktop Inkjet Printers into Professional Workhorse

Press release from the issuing company

DEER PARK, NY, May 25, 2001 – MediaStreet.com Inc., a provider of unique and hard to find digital imaging consumables, products, programs and services designed to enhance digital workflow systems, announced today the availability of the Niagara Continuous Ink Flow System, effectively turning desktop inkjet printers into continuous printing workhorses! “Digital enthusiasts have been plagued and frustrated by the high cost, and minimal ink of replacement inkjet cartridges, or their inability to use 3’rd party inks in the newest micro-chipped printer models,” shares MediaStreet.com president Norm Levy. “Our new Niagara System allows the use of any type of ink, whether the goal is to save money with less expensive OEM replacement ink, such as our full line of Plug-N-Play Inks, or the use of a specialty long lasting ink, such as our Generations Ink for digital photography and art reproduction.” The Niagara Continuous Ink Flow System employs a modified cartridge assembly that ingeniously hooks up to bulk bottles of ink that sits adjacent to the printer. The system allows for continuous inkjet printing, saving the user a dramatic amount of time and money along with the ability to choose their favorite ink. There is a new micro-chip technology, used with the ink cartridges of most new Epson printer models, that keeps a record of the ink level, and when that level reaches empty the chip voids the cartridge from ever being used again. This chip technology also does not allow for 3 rd party inkjet ink or cartridges to be used, effectively locking the consumer into using the OEM brand. The Niagara System has unleashed the ability for other inks to be used with the new chipped printer models. The custom chip design that is used on the Niagara System has been write protected, so that the cartridge will always read 100 percent full. Since the ink that is used in the Niagara System is automatically replaced and continuously replenished by ink in large reservoir bottles, it can print forever with the same set of cartridges as long as ink is maintained in the reservoir bottles.

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