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AB Dick Reports Success at the Gutenberg Show

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, IL -- A.B.Dick proved to draw some of the largest crowds during this year's Gutenberg Festival, held May 17-19 at the Long Beach Convention Center. "We were extremely pleased with the results at Gutenberg. Many people came prepared to buy at this show," said Scott MacKenzie, Director of Product Planning for A.B.Dick. The major attraction to the booth was a workflow presentation highlighting the Digital PlateMaster DPM2340 and two-tower 9995A-ICS. "When you address customer issues in terms of their everyday problems, they listen and want to know more," said MacKenzie. The presentation reviewed these issues while demonstrating the value and ease of use of the DPM2340 and 9995A-ICS. This solution provides the best of digital and conventional technologies. Customers can benefit from the labor savings and productivity gains of the digital workflow from the DPM2340. Similarly, the 9995A-ICS offers labor savings, ease of use and set-up, and increased productivity with the semi-automatic plate loading and Ink Control System (ICS). "Every product that was on display in our booth is less than two years old. This breeds excitement for our customers and associates," stated MacKenzie. In addition to the DPM2340 and 9995A-ICS, the company demonstrated the A.B.Dick Colour press, a four-color digital press; the deSign U. system, an integrated wide format solution which requires no creative design expertise; and the PowerPro 34, a high quality, two-tower offset press. A.B.Dick also launched two new products during Gutenberg, introducing the DPM2508 and QP25/QP25II to the West Coast audience. The DPM2508 is the "big brother" to the DPM2340, producing plates for 20-inch presses and film for four-up presses. The DPM2508 also offers optional in-line punching to further minimize operator involvement and set-up. The QP25 and QP25II offset presses are products based on input received from A.B.Dick customers. "Make it 'easier to run, more productive, and produce better quality,' were the requests heard most often from customer focus groups," said MacKenzie. This small offset press offers over 25 improvements to prior models, including a patent-pending "Constant Contact Register System" and the "Micro-set Ink Fountain". The QP25II is the two-color version. Townsend Industries, who were also represented in the customer focus group meetings, manufacture the 'GS' second color head. "The 'GS' unit incorporates electronic cylinder latching and continuous dampening as benefits to our customers," said MacKenzie. "The DPM2508 and QP25/QP25II were also big hits at the show. Customers were thrilled with the QP25II based on its features and low cost," said Dennis James, Press Product Manager for A.B.Dick.