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Agfa Launches IntelliTune 2.0 Image Processing Software

Press release from the issuing company

NEWSTEC, Brighton, U.K. - 21 May 2001- Agfa launched IntelliTune 2.0. Improved algorithms broaden the software's ability to analyse image data. Agfa's exclusive Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology automatically analyses tonal, colour and spatial characteristics in every image, then calculates and applies the necessary corrections for optimal reproduction. Based on input from IntelliTune users, Agfa integrates features such as an intuitive icon-driven user interface to make the software easier to learn and more productive to use. Agfa adds other user-friendly productivity features. Users can easily change the name of any image in the user interface for easy workflow integration. A readout function shows the actual before and after colours as well as the colour values. IntelliTune 2.0 is also easier to navigate. Users can move from screen to screen, image to image, back and forth. A new Compare mode provides a preview for greater image control. Because Agfa's MDP technology analyses the data in each images individually, it eliminates the need to sort images before processing. In addition to analysing histogram information, MDP also calculates and combines all colour, tone and spatial data. As a result, detail is preserved in high-saturation areas. Improved algorithms provide flexible control of saturation levels while maintaining pure neutral colours. MDP's tuning process also considers the sharpening level in the image analysis and adds only the amount of sharpness needed to reach the desired level. Other improvements include AutoTone, which adds contrast to highlights without altering overall tonal and colour balance. Removal of unwanted colour casts is faster and more accurate. Skin-tone control has also been improved in IntelliTune 2.0. A variable Skin Target lets users adjust skin tone to any preference. Advanced sharpening compensates for previously applied sharpening and maintains integrity of skin tones. IntelliTune 2.0 uses ColorTune Pro profiles, or any other ICC profiles to make sure that the colours on the monitor will reproduce throughout your entire system. Improved noise removal corrects artefacts typical in negative film originals. IntelliTune's multiple-script processing permits image processing with more than one script. Users can duplicate the image and choose another script for the copied image. For instance they can apply a CMYK script to the original for printing and RGB script to the copy for use on the newspaper Website. IntelliTune 2.0 also offers AppleScript support for flexible workflow integration. Custom AppleScripts can be applied to both the original image as well as the processed image. The software also offers professional colour conversion, JPEG compression adjustment, destairing, and resolution enhancement. It retrieves and saves in a variety formats. IntelliTune 2.0 will be available July 2001.