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DuPont and CreoScitex Start Controlled Sale of WaterProof Thermal

Press release from the issuing company

05/16/01 - As DuPont enters the final stages of the scale-up of the DuPont Thermal WaterProof, we wanted to present an overview of the progress and future plans. To date, we have had great success in the Beta evaluation sites, resulting in a decision by both DuPont and CreoScitex to enter the Limited Controlled Sales Phase of the Program as of three weeks ago. In this new phase that we are currently in, CreoScitex is now accepting orders for CreoScitex Proofsetter Spectrum and Trendsetter Spectrums equipment integrated for imaging DuPont WaterProof Thermal materials and we are prioritizing installation of accounts based on the scale-up criteria developed by DuPont and CreoScitex. The criteria would be as follows: -major metropolitan areas -nearby to service and support personnel -financially sound accounts -Larger volume users We expect the Controlled Sale phase to continue for several months as we evaluate and optimize the system comprised on DuPont WaterProof Thermal Materials and CreoScitex Equipment. During this time, new accounts will continue to be added as agreed upon by DuPont and CreoScitex. Plans are to open up the release of the product to all geographies and customers in the July/August timeframe for the final stage of the Controlled Sale Process. We are very excited surrounding this final scale-up phase of the DuPont Thermal WaterProof. As not all of our Dealers will be able to sell the DuPont Thermal WaterProof (Tier 1 Dealers only!), we encourage you to work with local DuPont sales representatives and management to secure your orders and prioritize your potential accounts. And lastly, as we continue the scale-up with CreoScitex, we are considering additional applications for DuPont WaterProof Thermal technologies. As further developments take place we will keep you posted. Thank you for your time and patience during this product introduction. We believe it is well worth the wait!!! Rod Trombley, N.A. Channel Manager, DuPont Color Proofing and Brian Eyre Business Manager-Color Films DuPont Color Proofing