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GretagMacbeth Shows New Eye-One System to the iBusiness Zone at TPG 2001

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TPG 2001, Paris, France, May 14, 2001 GretagMacbeth, worldwide technological leader in color measurement and management solutions, today introduced Eye-One, the new intuitive and affordable color management solution for the creative professional market, to TPG 2001 attendees. The Eye-One system includes both software and a measurement device to simplify the creation, communication and management of color. With Eye-One, colors can be scanned from any source to create color palettes, so designers are no longer limited by the colors in their swatch books or the colors they can create on-screen. These palettes can be shared with clients or other design team members and can be exported to popular design applications. The system defines colors in terms of spectral data, which ensures a unique and accurate color description. This information can be precisely translated for all types of media and lighting environments, including print, large format output, multimedia and the web. Eye-One creates profiles for all input and output devices, including flat panel displays. To speed the process of creating output profiles, the Eye-One features a scanning ruler that allows users to quickly measure their printer test charts. The Eye-One profiling software uses a wizard approach with simple instructions and illustrations at every step, to simplify and speed the profiling process. Eye-One is available in three configurations. Eye-One Monitor measures monitors only and is designed specifically for profiling monitors. Eye-One Pro measures both reflective and emissive (monitor) colors, and includes software for profiling the monitor. Eye-One Pro with Eye-One Match includes additional software to profile input and output devices. All three packages include the PantoneTM digital library. Each Eye-One system is available through GretagMacbeth's existing distribution channel, as well as several of the major mail order catalogs, including Cancom and MicroWarehouse. All Eye-One models include Eye-One Share - a unique freeware product for creating and sharing color palettes, which is available on the Web at www.i1color.com. The Eye-One color website is a place for color professionals to exchange ideas, learn more about color and submit feedback on the Eye-One system, including the Eye-One Share freeware. GretagMacbeth also shows its new iProfile color management bundles: iProfile Basic and iProfile Pro. These color management solutions include both the hardware and software needed for addressing automated ICC color management workflows in the prepress and photoprocessing markets. iProfile Basic includes GretagMacbeth's Spectrolino spectrophotometer for reflective and emissive readings, along with the SpectroScan automated x/y table. In addition iProfile Basic contains ProfileMaker Professional Input, Monitor and Output modules for creating accurate profiles for all types of devices, including flat panel displays. The bundle also includes the ColorPicker module from ProfileMaker Professional, which allows users to create and color manage spot colors. iProfile Pro incorporates the Spectrolino spectrophotometer along with the SpectroScan T automated x/y table. SpectroScan T allows users to measure both reflective and transparent materials. The full suite of ProfileMaker Professional including the Digital Camera module and ProfileEditor, enables the user to create and fine tune profiles for all types of devices. The iProfile Pro bundle also includes a Mac or PC version of GretagMacbeth's new iQueue 140, which addresses the industry's need for greater automated workflow and increased efficiency. With iQueue 140, users can establish hot folders and print spoolers that will automatically apply the appropriate profiles to all types of files including PDF. GretagMacbeth will also exhibit the following products designed for printing professionals at TPG 2001: SpectroMat with iCPrint iCPrint with SpectroMat measures ink density as well as spectral reflectance. The SpectroMat spectrophotometer serves as an x/y measuring table for color and density measurement at all predefined measuring points on a test sheet. iCPrint adds a new dimension to intelligent press control with automated feedback to help presses run stable and within tolerance. Ink Formulation 4.0 This software allows printers and ink manufacturers to formulate inks with a superior math engine and advanced algorithms for matching challenging applications such as inks for corrugated board and film. The modular design allows users to create a system specifically tailored to their needs.} SpectroEye This hand-held, portable spectrophotometer accurately measures and stores color data through all phases of a color project, with an integrated white reference to eliminate calibration on a white reference tile. Color Quality This software, which can be used with SpectroEye and other GretagMacbeth spectrophotometers, allows storage of all reference colors with specified tolerances to increase quality control. D19C This modular densitometer includes an extendable measuring head and options for supplementary functions and seven different filter sets. D19C delivers the highest precision with a control wheel and measuring bottom for simplified measuring. GretagMacbeth will be demonstrating the Eye-One system, recently granted the Seybold Hot Picks award for 2001, and other color management products in booth # J100 in Hall 5 at the TPG 2001 show from Monday, May 14 through Saturday, May 19.

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