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Global Paper E-business Standards Initiative Improves Efficiency of the Supply Chain

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WASHINGTON, DC and ALEXANDRIA, VA-May 2, 2001-The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) today announced a leadership structure and standards process involving producers and customers in the North American pulp, paper and paperboard industry. This group will be called "papiNet NA." The initiative is part of an international effort to develop e-business processes and standards for the total paper supply chain called "papiNet." The development of international industry standards is a joint effort between the European Paper Consortium (EPC) and papiNet NA (the North American Group). The goal is a single set of unified, international XML-based e-business standards designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of transactions throughout the supply chain, while reducing the cost of operations. Plans call for including Asia and Latin America in the papiNet effort, and to eventually involve all forest products segments and their supply chains. The work of papiNet NA will support the ongoing papiNet standards effort begun in 2000, which focuses on publication, fine and packaging grades of paper, paperboard and their supply chains. Five standards have been developed and are in the implementation stage, including purchase order, order confirmation, call-off (delivery schedule), delivery message and invoice. These were released to the public in February 2001. Three new standards are under development, including goods receipt, request for quotation and debit/credit memo. "The European Paper Consortium has been a strong advocate of broad North American industry and customer involvement in papiNet, and we look forward to working with the North American representatives," states Bengt Roslund, Vice President, SCA Packaging and member of EPC. "This North American effort is integral for a world-wide, e-business paper supply chain initiative." Membership in papiNet NA is open to North American manufacturers of paper and wood products, distributors, converters, printers, publishers, cataloguers, and other customers of and suppliers to the industry, including e-commerce service providers, and related industry/customer trade associations. "Development of industry standards is a critical part of the foundation for e-business and will allow the forest products industry to realize much of the potential efficiencies," says Mack Hogans, Senior Vice President, Weyerhaeuser. "The current papiNet NA initiative, which includes AF&PA and GCA, is an important milestone for our industry." "The papiNet NA effort will provide the tools to bring major efficiencies to both producers and customers in the paper supply chain. Time Inc looks forward to building on the success of the papiNet initiative. Working with our suppliers in implementing the papiNet XML standards will continue to be a high priority," says Barry Meinerth, Vice President, Production, Time Inc. Craig A. Hutchison, President and CEO, Perry Judd's Inc., states, "The graphic communications industry needs a world-wide, coordinated standards initiative to improve the efficiencies of e-business in the paper supply chain. Through the collaboration of AF&PA and GCA, papiNet NA will bring customers and producers together to communicate, coordinate efforts and implement these efficiencies. We are pleased to be a part of this effort." Sara Freund, Executive Director, Printing-Writing and Newsprint Groups, AF&PA, and Leonard Stewart, Director, E-Business Initiatives, GCA, will coordinate the papiNet NA effort. For information, contact Sara Freund at 202.463.2450 or [email protected] or Leonard Stewart at 703.519.8180 or [email protected], or visit the papiNet Web site at http://www.papinet.org