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UFlex Continues Research-Led Product Innovation with a Focus on Sustainability in Q4 FY23

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Noida, NCR: The research and development teams at UFlex Limited continued the momentum with progressive and path-breaking innovations across business verticals in Q4 FY23. The focus on research-led innovation and delivering on sustainability goals led to numerous new product launches in the quarter ended March 31, 2023.

Packaging Films

1. Metallised High Barrier Easy Tear Polyester (F-ETB-M) Film The newly developed F-ETB-M Film by the UFlex Packaging Films business addresses barrier requirements of various pouches and packaging applications while enabling easy-to-tear package properties from both directions. The critical attributes of F-ETB-M include a special effect coated BOPET film, superior oxygen barrier (OTR of <0.5 cc/m2 /day), moisture barrier properties (<1.0 gm/m2 /day), and a unique metal bond between the metal and the film (100gm/25mm). The superior oxygen barrier of this metalized, easy-tear BOPET film makes it the best choice for packaging items like mouth fresheners, tea sachets, confectionary items, biscuits, and multiple pharma and medical products.

2. Transparent High Barrier Easy Tear Polyester (F-ETB) Film The F-ETB Film developed by the Packaging Films research team at UFlex is a next-level packaging solution for items like dry food. Such products require an excellent oxygen barrier for maintaining freshness and easy-to-tear packages for enhanced customer experience. The F-ETB Film addresses both these concerns. With a superior oxygen barrier, this transparent BOPET film is suitable for pouches and for quick and convenient packaging applications. This recently developed film addresses the barrier requirements with an excellent easy-tear property in MD & TD directions for products sensitive to oxygen, moisture, and atmospheric conditions. F-ETB films come as a special effect coated BOPET film with crucial attributes such as superior oxygen barrier (OTR of <1.0 cc/m2 /day) and moisture and aroma barrier properties (<25 gm/m2 /day). Flexible Packaging Business 1. Teen Ikka 25 Kg WPP Top and Bottom Pinch Bag With Foil Stamping Teen Ikka is one of the biggest-selling brands of cumin seeds in North India. Unfortunately, this famous and reputed product was falling victim to counterfeit practices on a large scale. To help the brand solve this problem more intelligently, UFlex developed the WPP Pinch bottom bag with foil stamping as an anti-counterfeit feature to prevent it from getting re-filled or falling prey to counterfeiting. Moreover, with new packaging that ensures product originality and distinguishes it from fake ones, consumers are not falling prey to counterfeit products.

2. 3D Pouch for Dormulin 5kg Vegetative Fertilizer UFlex developed and converted the WPP bag of Dormulin fertilizer into a 3D pouch for a 5 kg product quantity in Q4, FY23. This enhances the product’s packaging aesthetics and the packaging design for better display and appeal.

Chemicals Business

1. Epoxy Acrylate

Epoxy Acrylate Oligomer developed by the UFlex Chemicals business is yet another environment-friendly product demonstrating the company’s continued focus on sustainability.

The Epoxy Acrylate Oligomer is an essential feedstock for radiationcurable coatings and printing inks manufactured by UFlex. The production process of this polymer is designed in a way that it generates no VOCs and effluents.

2. Polyester Acrylate

Polyester Acrylate is another Oligomer developed by the UFlex Chemicals business. This halogen-free product adds to the company’s efforts at promoting sustainability through research-led environment-friendly printing and coating solutions. The Polyester Acrylate oligomer is a significant feedstock for UV and EB curable coatings and printing inks. This product is recommended for use in applications such as flexography, dry offset, screen printing, and wet lithographic inks for paper, plastics, and metals. It can also provide adhesion for metal, plastics, and paper coatings.

Holography Business

1. Holography Beeds Designs for HM & Sequins Film This is an exciting development in holography designs by UFlex. With a moving dot effect, the Holography Beeds Design offers a unique and visually appealing option for Hot-Melt Film and Sequins film used in various textile applications. The Holography Beeds Design developed by UFlex’s Holography Business provides an alternative to the popular LOD (Lots of Dots) design. The new design offers a unique differentiation to the products and can help attract customers looking for something fresh and innovative.

Replacing the LOD design with the Holography Beeds Design developed by UFlex will enable textile businesses to tap into a growing market segment of customers seeking a change from the standard holography designs. In addition, the moving dots effects in this new design provide a dynamic and eye-catching appearance, enhancing the overall visual impact of the holographic film.

2. Checkered Pattern Hot Stamping Foil In the competitive world of the textile business, adding unique and eye-catching designs to fabrics has become crucial for manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve. The newly developed Checkered Pattern Hot Stamping Foil by the UFlex Holography Business enables an enhanced style and improved elegance of textile products. Hot stamping foil is a popular decorative technique for improving visual appeal and adding vibrancy to textiles. Among various hot stamping foil designs available, the Checkered Pattern Hot Stamping foil has emerged as a popular choice, offering a timeless appeal for a wide range of applications.

The checkered pattern has reflective properties and is available in an extensive range of colours. The intricate design and aesthetic appeal enabled by this foil will take the appearance of the fabric to a whole new level. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use and customizable application that is not only versatile but also durable and washable.

Checkered Pattern Hot Stamping Foil has applications across market segments such as fashion, home textiles, accessories, and upholstery. In the fashion industry, it can add an extra touch of elegance to garments such as dresses, blouses, shirts, and suits. In homes, textiles can complement interior decoration themes on cushions, curtains, bedspreads, and tablecloths with this. Further, this foil transforms accessories such as bags, shoes, belts, and hats. Finally, furniture manufacturers can also use it to add a touch of elegance and vibrancy to upholstery fabrics.

Printing Cylinders Business

1. Carving effect through laser embossing on PVC

Carving Effect through laser embossing on PVC is an exciting new product from UFlex’s Printing Cylinders business that has many attractive applications for home decoration. It can enhance the attractiveness and aesthetics of home interiors like modular kitchens, table covers, door mats, floor mats, and even in-car floor mats. It is durable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and can be installed in a short time.

2. Laser embossing on the shoe soles When it comes to shoes, one of the most significant issues faced by users is that of their soles are often slippery. This causes various problems for consumers, especially during the rainy season or when walking on slippery surfaces as there is not enough friction. The laser embossing on shoe soles developed by UFlex Printing Cylinders business helps make shoe soles skid-free and safe for use, providing a much-needed solution to users. This product is suitable for different geographical and weather conditions.

3. Aesthetic effect on shoe foxing through laser embossing The aesthetic effect of shoe foxing (the upper layer of shoe sides) makes footwear more attractive and appealing to customers. This innovation from UFlex’s Printing Cylinders Business can help shoe manufacturers rapidly multiply their revenues. In addition, this embossing on shoe foxing creates a higher demand for such footwear in the market.

4. Anti-skidding pattern on foot mat through laser embossing This is another innovative solution from UFlex’s Printing Cylinders Business that creates a 3D anti-skidding effect on PVC sheets through laser embossing. Such skid-free embossing can be used in the manufacturing of foot mats. Moreover, different antiskidding patterns created by this innovation are in high demand. Engineering Business 1. Accu Slit-3300 After the successful performance of Accu Slit2500 and Accu Eco Slit-3000, the UFlex Engineering Business design team has developed Accu Slit-3300, the new slitter of width 3300, for slitting Metalized BOPP and other substrates in Q4, FY23.


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