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Landa Announces 3 New Customers: Southern Champion Tray, Abeka, and Nine Stars

Press release from the issuing company

Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press Enroute to Southern Champion Tray’s Mansfield Plant

SCT to Expand Service Portfolio with Landa’s B1 Format, Quality, and
Flexible Data-Driven Features

LAS VEGAS – Landa Digital Printing today announces that Southern Champion Tray (SCT), one of North America’s largest independent packaging companies, is acquiring a Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press. The press is on its way to SCT’s folding carton production facility in Mansfield, Texas, where exclusive features such as high speed, offset quality, B1 format and unlimited data options will allow SCT to offer a wider range of services to its foodservice and other retail clients.

“The Landa Nanographic press will be key to the future of the business, and our ability to further diversify and grow,” says Roy Hibbs, COO of Southern Champion Tray. “We’ve used digital successfully for a few years and are excited to take advantage of Landa’s advanced capabilities. We expect the Landa to not only drive increased efficiencies and productivity, but new opportunities, too.”

Like every other facet of its business, SCT’s technology investments are driven by customer need. Account managers work with production personnel to find the optimal assets for jobs coming in today, as well as for the work the company anticipates getting in the future. It was this type of forecasting that led Southern Champion Tray to research and subsequently choose the Landa S10 for its folding carton facility in Mansfield.

“We wanted B1, and we wanted speed,” says Brad Haralson, incoming General Manager for SCT Mansfield. “We have thousands of SKUs and need rapid response, personalization, and flexibility – all for which the Landa is ideal. What’s more, its extended color gamut is amazing and will provide customers with differentiation on the shelf.

“But we also need our presses to be robust, as we have to work them hard. Having seen Landa put them through their paces, we knew that the S10 would meet our expectations.”

As one of the country’s largest suppliers to fast-moving foodservice, health and beauty and other retail segments, Southern Champion Tray is one of the most productive print houses in North America. Simultaneously, the company adheres to global packaging standards and manages mandatory compliance with the strictest safety and environmental regulations of any number of countries.

“The fact that the S10 meets SCT’s criteria – especially for the challenging foodservice and other retail markets it serves – is a source of pride for Landa. Thank you to John Simpson, the outgoing GM who recently announced his retirement, and the Southern Champion Tray team for a fantastic start to our partnership. We’re excited to have them as a customer and to support them in their journey,” says Sharon Cohen, Chief Business Officer, Landa Digital Printing.

Education In-Plant, Abeka, Orders a Landa S10P

  • Serves over 1 million students worldwide

    Landa labor savings to unlock 15,000 hours annually
  • Expects 100 million+ pages additional annual capacity with Landa press

Landa Digital Printing today announces that Abeka Print Shop, a world leading education in-plant printer serving one million students in homeschool families and Christian schools around the world, has ordered a Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press. The company will use the seven-color S10P with inline coater for its flourishing flashcard business, as well as additional products.

Abeka expects to add 100 million pages of additional capacity, annually, with the Landa S10P. The company also said that it is set to unlock 15,000 hours in labor savings per year – a substantial cost reduction in today’s market.

Abeka chose the Landa S10P because it is the only digital press providing the format and speed Abeka requires.

Plant Manager Stephen Riffel, a 14-year veteran of Abeka, explains, “The thought process regarding the Landa S10P centered, initially, on its ability to support our flashcard business. We do a lot of them for preschoolers and grade school students, and we’re doing more and more every year – so increasing capacity for that was a prerequisite. However, on investigating the S10P’s wider capabilities, the flexibility to produce other products was hugely appealing to us, too.”

Press speed, color consistency and productivity on the Landa are all impressive, as is print quality and color vibrancy. “Exactly what we need, especially for products to appeal to kids and families,” Riffel says.

“Cost per page is another reason why we chose the Landa S10P,” says Riffel. “We know precisely what our costs are on every job, and it was a simple matter to calculate the productivity gains against costs with the S10P.”

Abeka Print Shop’s 98 full time employees currently print 2 billion pages – or 10,000,000 books, 2,000,000 flash card sets and 2,000,000 miscellaneous education resources -- on both offset and digital, web and sheetfed presses, annually. Additionally, demand across all categories is increasing. The surge in homeschooling and Christian schools over the past few years has brought over 20,000 new homeschoolers to Abeka, for a total of 1,000,000 students being supported worldwide.

The Landa S10P’s B1 format also provides Abeka with even more options for better utilization of the company’s other presses. Riffel says that once the press is installed, the company will pull work from its sheetfed offset press as well as move short run work from a smaller digital printer to the Landa. This will allow the plant to to move other pages to offset, making it possible for short run jobs not to go on the offset press at all.

“The production flexibility a Landa press gives you is considerable,” Riffel says. “Landa is unquestionably leading the way into next-generation approaches to education communication.”

Heberto Pachon, Landa Americas General Manager, says, “We are delighted to welcome Abeka to Landa. It is a world-class business; and we are excited to see how the S10P will permit Abeka to better serve its huge global educational community. Our congratulations and thanks to Stephen and his colleagues at Abeka.”

Nine Stars Printing Installs a Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press to Transform Chinese Packaging Market

Landa install represents Nine Stars Printing’s focus on serving the growing medium-run digital packaging trend in China

Landa Digital Printing and Shenzhen Nine Stars Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CR Sanjiu, today announce the installation of an S10 Nanographic Printing® Press at the Chinese packaging specialist, Nine Stars Printing and Packaging co., Ltd at its Longgang (Shenzhen) facility. The company is using its new Landa S10 press to widen its product offering to customers, while also streamlining production by replacing traditional analogue short to medium-run packaging jobs with a cost effective, profitable, and waste reducing digital printing process.

Nine Stars Printing believes that Nanography® will revolutionize the Chinese packaging market. Mr. Liu, Wen Heng, General Manager of Nine Stars Printing comments: “We pride ourselves on adopting market leading technology, and the Landa S10 is one of the most exciting and transformative solutions to enter the market for generations.”

“We’re confident that the Landa S10 with its B1 digital format, high print speed and incredible color capabilities, will provide earlier adopters like us with a very valuable competitive advantage. Importantly, the Landa S10 will enable us to change our business model and offer a range of profitable new services – increasing our value to customers - and ultimately, in close partnership with Landa, transition the Chinese printing industry to a more sustainable and future proofed technology.”

Established in 1989, Nine Stars Printing was ranked 49th in China’s top 100 printing companies of 2021. Supporting markets including pharmaceutical, electronics, personal care and food markets, the company provides a range of folding carton and label printing services from three production facilities in Longgang (Shenzhen), Shanghai and Benxi. The new Landa S10 was installed at the Longgang (Shenzhen) facility in a new and decorated digital printing center.

Engineered for the packaging and converting industries, the single-sided B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) format Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press enables just-in-time mainstream efficiency for the production of folding carton and POP/POS. The Landa S10 press prints at a speed of 6,500 sheets per hour on standard offset papers and substrates in thickness from 4-32 pt. (0.06-0.8 mm). With a crossover point that can reach many tens’ thousands of boxes, the Landa S10 provides a perfect digital solution for the folding carton industry

Gil Oron, CEO, Landa Digital Printing comments: “China is such an exciting market for us, and we’re delighted to have Nine Stars Printing as another customer in the region. They are a very well-run business with an experienced and dynamic management team, and a clear vision for the future of the industry and the role of Nanography technology within it. We look forward to working with them over the coming weeks and months, and to further broadening our install base in this phenomenal region.”


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