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ExpertMail Allows Financial Institutions to Focus on Profitable Endeavors

Press release from the issuing company

ATLANTA (May 18, 2001) – Returned check orders can be a burden on financial institutions which have to identify and correct the reasons for the return. John H. Harland Company (NYSE: JH), one of the leading financial transaction companies in the country, has introduced a new service that will dramatically reduce the amount of time financial institutions have to spend on returned check orders. ExpertMailSM identifies the cause for returned check orders, addresses it and helps financial institutions maintain customer satisfaction – all without direct involvement from the financial institution. "The majority of orders are returned because consumers have forgotten to update their address information on check orders," said Charmaine Ward, vice president of marketing for Harland. "The additional postage fees for returned items, along with the time and labor to secure the checks, contact customers and process reorders make returned checks a costly and inefficient process. ExpertMail enables financial institutions to focus on other activities that will increase performance and strengthen profitable relationships with their customers." With Harland's new ExpertMail program, the post office returns undeliverable check orders directly to Harland where they are destroyed. The consumer's record is updated to reflect the return status, and they are notified via First Class letter that their check order was returned. The consumer can then contact their financial institution to place a corrected order. Financial institutions also receive monthly reports detailing the number of boxes returned and specific account information, allowing them to improve the accuracy of customer information in their systems.