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Leaf Products, CreoScitex, Introduces Integrated Solution for Digital Large Format Photography

Press release from the issuing company

Herzlia, ISRAEL (April 10, 2001) - Leaf Products, CreoScitex, a division of Creo Products Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO; TSE: CRE), today announced the Leaf Digital Large Format solution, a fully integrated solution for large format cameras. The new solution includes an electronic shutter, centrally controlled via Leaf software, and uses a standard interface between Leaf digital camera backs and large format cameras, offering photographers a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for leveraging their existing equipment. The Leaf Digital Large Format solution will be available worldwide from April 2001, via CreoScitex/Leaf authorized distributors. Large format photographers have always been a core market for Leaf. Now, via standardization, Leaf allows virtually any view camera, including Toyo, Linhof and Sinar, to be mounted with Leaf camera backs, thus enabling a larger pool of photographers to enjoy Leaf's integrated, digital, multi-shot solutions. The new interface fits directly on any standard Graflok or Hasselblad mounts, similar to the way roll film magazines and other 4x5 camera accessories are connected. Developed in conjunction with Rollei, the Leaf Digital Large Format solution utilizes an electronic shutter from Rollei, offering exceptional accuracy of both shutter speeds and lens apertures. The controlled e-shutter is compatible with Rodenstock and Schneider digital lenses, and provides the highest shutter speed on the market (1/500 sec.), along with the most accurate aperture and shutter speed settings (1/10 f-stop increments). "The new Leaf Digital Large Format solution is an important addition to the CreoScitex/Leaf offering," said Ilan Carmi, Leaf Worldwide Product Marketing Manager at CreoScitex. "It greatly expands the opportunities for professional photographers, making it easier and more affordable to adopt a digital workflow."