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Quark Unveils Innovative Collaborative Publishing Tool

Press release from the issuing company

BOSTON (Seybold Seminars) -- April 12, 2001 -- Quark Inc. today introduced Quark Active Publishing Server (QuarkAPS), a high-performance server technology that uses core engines from QuarkXPress 5.0 to produce personalized, design-rich content on demand in popular print and Web file formats. "QuarkAPS combines the page layout power of QuarkXPress with the flexibility of client/server technology," said Don Lohse, product manager for Quark Active Publishing Server. "With QuarkAPS technology, publishers will be able to maximize their productivity while minimizing errors. Every kind of publisher will be able to use QuarkAPS to avoid common production pitfalls. The opportunities are nearly limitless." Content creators, using a basic Web browser, will be able to use Quark Active Publishing Server to flow content into templates and render high fidelity documents on the fly. It is a scalable, on-demand server that can be integrated into production environments to give publishers complete control over their content. Any of the millions of designers who use QuarkXPress will be able to create design templates for Quark Active Publishing Server. Quark Active Publishing Server will dramatically streamline distributed, collaborative production workflows. Users will be able to submit content without worrying about having appropriate template versions, fonts, or even software. Quark Active Publishing Server will facilitate document management, because users will be able to create personalized materials without accidentally altering critical components such as logos, colors, or type styles. "Quark Active Publishing Server is a fantastic addition to the Quark suite of media-independent publishing tools. QuarkAPS will free publishers from the time, cost, and workflow constraints associated with delivering content to multiple media," said Juergen Kurz, Quark director of product management. "With QuarkAPS, publishers will become dramatically more productive as they deploy high quality documents on demand in print or Web formats." "QuarkXPress and Quark Digital Media System form the foundation for powerful, dynamic publishing solutions," continued Kurz. "Quark Active Publishing Server is a great example of a solution built on that foundation that will help publishers realize a successful media-independent publishing strategy." Availability Quark plans to release Quark Active Publishing Server later this year. Quark Active Publishing Server will run on Windows NT4/2000 and Mac OS X Server.