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Heidelberg extends the desktop scanner series

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CeBIT 2001 - Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg), the leading supplier of products and solutions for the entire printing and publishing industry, is presenting the Linoscan 2200 as part of its new showcase at this year’s CeBIT. The A3+ scanner is fitted with a new optical system and provides an opportunity to move into the realm of A3 scanners. Together with the Linoscan 2650 unveiled in September, it extends the A3 class of the Linoscan series and is to be available to customers from February. The Linoscan 2200 is a flexible high-quality scanner which can scan a variety of originals from 35 mm right through to A3+ format using a newly developed mirror technology. The high-precision optical system is firmly anchored inside the scanner and thus protected from vibrations. The originals are scanned using two movable mirrors. Christiane Mittendorff, new Product Manager for desktop scanners, explains the principle behind the new optics — "Two mirrors are accurately positioned by guide rolls using a system of cables. Precise electronic control ensures that a consistent relationship is maintained between the original, the mirrors and the optics." The intense color brilliance is achieved by means of 42 Bit BET (Bit Enhancement Technology) color depth and a maximum density of 3.4. The single-pass flatbed scanner with built-in transparency unit is connected to the Mac or PC via the SCSI-II interface. In conjunction with the Linoscan 2650 A3+ scanner with its fast FireWire interface, the two machines form an ideal partnership for customized solutions on the A3 scanner market. Multi-talented from 35 mm to A3+ For creatives and prepress users the scanner guarantees a great deal of flexibility and scan results of outstanding quality. The Linoscan 2200 is easy to operate and enables even newcomers to color to produce optimum scan results without any repro knowledge. This is thanks to the Heidelberg scan software which has repro-expertise built in. The A3+ format allows scanning of originals up to 305 x 432 mm (reflective and transparency) with an optical resolution of 800 x 1,600 dpi. The scanner comes with either Linocolor Elite for Macintosh or Newcolor 5000 for PC. The software The Newcolor 5000 software solution for PC not only offers comprehensive functionality, but also a newly designed user interface which gives the beginner additional support. Newcolor 5000 is a clearly-arranged, stand-alone application which has clear advantages over earlier applications. The solution comes complete with integrated color management based on ICC and demo versions of the Coloropen tools which can also be released for full use. Newcolor 5000 provides optimized definition and rotation functions in a quality normally reserved for high-end solutions. Helpful assistants provide the user with support and guide him automatically to the optimum result using precise settings. Color Assistant — one of the keys to the success of the Linocolor scan software for Macintosh — analyzes each scan, sets image highlight and shadow, corrects color casts and suggests gradations and chroma profiles. Newcolor 5000 runs under Windows 98 SE, ME and NT. The Linoscan 2200 for Macintosh comes with the Linocolor Elite scan software current version 6.0 which is also based entirely on ICC profiles. Its features include the ability to incorporate customized profiles directly into the scanned images to minimize sources of error in the color management workflow. Linocolor Elite delivers scan results of outstanding quality even for users who do not have extensive repro expertise and is therefore ideal for newcomers to color. Linocolor Elite runs under Mac OS 9.x and previous versions. Linoscan — the innovative flatbed scanner series The Linoscan 2200 belongs to the Heidelberg Linoscan series which is aimed at newcomers to the publishing industry and, in particular, professional users in smaller companies. Other scanners in this new product series include the Linoscan 1200, 1400, 1450 and 1800 A4 units. The A3+ portfolio consists of the Linoscan 2200 and the new Linoscan 2650 which has a SCSI-II and fast FireWire interface. The Linoscan 2650 offers outstanding high-quality features for professional use in repro studios, creative agencies and printshops with prepress linkup. A single-pass flatbed scanner with integrated transparency unit and Double Lens system, the Linoscan 2650 supports an A3+ format for originals up to 432 x 305 mm for reflective scans and 400 x 305 mm for transparency scans. Two different resolution modes are available. In HighRes mode, scanning is performed with an optical resolution of 2,400 x 2,400 dpi (interpolated 14,400 x 14,400 dpi) for reflectives of 432 x 105 mm and for transparencies of 400 x 105 mm. In StandardRes mode, the optical resolution is 800 x 2,400 dpi (interpolated up to 4,800 x 4,800 dpi). The scanner has a maximum density of 3.7 D and a color depth of 42 bit.

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