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Transparent business processes in print-on-demand workflows

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CeBIT 2001 - New ImageSmart Document Mastering 1.5 and Document Library bolster performance of the Digimaster 9110 print system Hanover, Germany–New open-architecture software from the division Digital of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) will give digital printing environments greater document control and expanded functionality from their high-volume black-and-white print systems. The CeBIT show will showcase two new ImageSmart software applications designed to significantly enhance the functionality of the Digimaster 9110 Network Imaging System print engine and other high-volume black-and-white printing solutions. The Digimaster 9110 system is manufactured by Heidelberg for NexPress Solutions LLC. The new software products are part of the Heidelberg ImageSmart Workflow Suite, a family of products designed to improve the digital printing workflow – and built on a scaleable, truly open architecture. ImageSmart software helps printers maximize their internal and external capabilities and provides powerful job submission and document mastering capabilities. * Heidelberg ImageSmart Document Mastering 1.5 builds on the features of its predeccessor, ImageSmart Document Mastering 1.0, to deliver PDF-editing capabilities. Like Version 1.0 software, Version 1.5 utilizes the industry-standard Adobe® Acrobat® software. * Heidelberg ImageSmart Document Library is a powerful document management system providing a secure storage area for electronic documents. The two new software applications bolster the ImageSmart portfolio, introduced in September 2000. ImageSmart Production Software, which now comes loaded with every Digimaster 9110 system, provides a series of new features to increase productivity and ease of use. It is necessary to support such new Digimaster system accessories as the Imagedirect™ 665 Production Scanner, Heidelberg Inserter and Heidelberg Perfect Binder "These new software offerings are the lastest applications employing Heidelberg’s revolutionary ImageSmart technology, a new open platform for digital, black-and-white or color printing," said Gerard Giuliano, technical marketing manager for NexPress Black and White, which markets the Digimaster 9110 system manufactured by Heidelberg Digital. "The ImageSmart software portfolio is designed to work seamlessly with the system hardware and new product accessories to enhance workflow and bolster productivity, from pre-flight to the finished piece." PDF-level editing Heidelberg ImageSmart Document Mastering 1.5 gives digital printers the ability to manipulate and edit images within a PDF file. Enabled by the PDF ImageWorks™ plug-in, the software also allows users to insert photographs into a document. The software is ideal for several high-volume print-production applications, including job assembly, imposition, editing, annotations. It enables print customers to perform basic editing capabilities, such as: * Cutting, copying and pasting selected image and portions of an image. * Cropping images. * Undo the previous object operation. * Erase pixel-level image data within a PDF file. * Draw a pixel or line into a current image. * Adjust contrast and/or brightness. * Adjust hue, saturation and/or brightness. * Rotate an image object in one-degree increments. * De-speckle an image object or multiple image objects.

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