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Creativepro.com Launches New Free Services

Press release from the issuing company

4/9/01 - According to Pamela Pfiffner, creativepro.com General Manager and Editor in chief - "Creativepro.com is about 18 months old, now. A toddler by most standards, yet a strapping teenager in Internet time. Since we launched in September 1999, our mission has been to provide you with the best information and tools that help creative professionals get the job done, whether in print publishing, Web development, or dynamic-media authoring. Judging by the feedback we get, I'm pleased to say that we must be doing some things right (and thanks to all of you who send us comments that help us do our job better). New Photo Search. We've upgraded our stock photography search by partnering with Random Eye on its image grabber service. We actually reviewed this product a while back and were so impressed with it that we decided to adapt it for our site. We've had a multiple-vendor stock photography search on our site since Day One, but image grabber brings so much more to the table: royalty-free and rights-protected images from 26 sources, including giants like Corbis and Comstock as well as niche players such as PlyMedia and Humanistic Photography; even illustrations from "The New Yorker's" Cartoonbank. Plus, you can save searches to your own lightbox. It's fast and easy to use and, as always, it's free. Check it out. New Font Search. One of our most visited departments on the site is Fonts. Not only do people like to read about hot topics in typography (thanks to John D. Berry's regular column "dot-font") but we know you want to find typefaces on the Web. Some of our resident geniuses decided to retool our old stock photo search as a font search. Looking for the perfect dingbat (and aren't we all)? Type it in and our new service will search nine different font sites, from Adobe to T26. Perhaps the shark's fin symbol from Sooy Type's Eclectic Medley is perfect for that newsletter; click on the link and we'll take you to Eyewire, where you can make the purchase. This service is brand-spanking new, so let us know how you like it. Bookmark this page. New Site Search.Speaking of searching: We upgraded the site search engine. We now use Alta Vista and, boy, are we glad we made the switch. Results are organized around our site classifications of products (hardware or software), company, features article, and so on. It's much cleaner and more comprehensive than our old site search.