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iPrint Details New Division to Integrate E-Printing into Fortune 1000

Press release from the issuing company

(Menlo Park, CA - February 6, 2001) - iPrint, inc. (NASDAQ: IPRT), the leading online printing technology and infrastructure provider, today announced details of a newly created operating division, iPrint Enterprise Systems Group. The new operating group will expand iPrint technology onto the major e-procurement and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms within the corporate enterprise. "No other organization has the award-winning technology that iPrint has, nor the robust infrastructure and proven scalability built from servicing millions of online customers," stated Royal P. Farros, Chairman and CEO of iPrint. "We believe we're ideally positioned to continue our e-printing leadership role in the exploding e-procurement services market." iPrint has been transitioning into the corporate marketplace over the last year, logging almost 70% of its Q4 2000 revenues through corporate or infrastructure related activities. "Major corporations are no strangers to us," continued Farros. "We've been providing technology to Fortune 1000 companies like 3M, Microsoft, Intel, and OfficeMax for some time now. What's different is that we are now augmenting our e-printing facilities with specific enterprise technologies that allow us to integrate directly into corporate e-procurement and ERP systems, allowing major corporations to leverage the large investments they've already made in 'wiring' their organizations. And, of course, we will now have a separate operating group completely focused on building this enterprise opportunity for us." The iPrint Enterprise Systems Group seamlessly integrates e-printing technology into an enterprise e-procurement or ERP system, streamlining the professional print-buying process, centralizing control and accountability, reducing costs, and improving the ROI associated with e-procurement investment.