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Web Projects Proofed More Than Other Projects

Press release from the issuing company

2/5/01 - According to TrendWatch, web site design and development projects for the corporate crowd require an average of 5.6 proofing cycles before a project is signed off, compared to a relatively meager 2.8 proofing cycles for a color print ad. The larger the client, (20-49 employees), the more fingers in the pie and Web design projects can take as many as 9.6 proofing cycles. On top of that, Web design projects also take longer to complete50 days, compared to 13 days for a print ad, or 22 days for a print brochure or sell sheet. Everyone has had at least one job that can seem like a creature from a Stephen King noveljust when you think you're finished with it, it leaps out of the darkness at you with yet another set of changes. But the real the terror comes from the fact that every time it comes back from the dead it costs youboth in time and money. Corporate Web sites are such highly visible projects that everyone wants their say. Make sure you price your services profitably to take into account these costly proofing cycles. Don't let the creature get you.

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