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ALAP Updates ImagePort to 1.1

Press release from the issuing company

Carlsbad, CA - February 2, 2001 - A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. (ALAP), a leading developer of technologies for the design and publishing industries, today announces a free update to ImagePort, its popular XTension that allows users to import native Adobe Photoshop images directly into QuarkXPress documents, layers, channels, and all. ImagePort 1.1 debuts supportfor Adjustment Layers, an important Photoshop tool for experimenting with color corrections and tone adjustments without actually modifying pixels. This added flexibility gives users the power to consider various levels of correction within the context of a QuarkXPress layout. Since the release of ImagePort 1.0 in January 2000, designers worldwide have embraced the XTension, citing its ability to dramatically improve workflows, save gigabytes of hard disk space, free up hours of time, and increase design flexibility. With access to Photoshop layers within QuarkXPress, designers can quickly create multiple versions of the same layout and compare many different image treatments - all without using multiple images, using tons of disk space, and causing confusion. Without ImagePort, QuarkXPress cannot import native Photoshop files into layout. Users are forced to export Photoshop files into an acceptable format, a process that flattens (or strips out) any layers the designer used to store various versions or parts of an image. Since users generally retained the original Photoshop file in case the image needed further modification, this workflow consumed disk space rapidly. ImagePort not only eliminates the need to flatten Photoshop images, but it also provides familiar controls over layers, channels, and paths right in QuarkXPress. Users can turn layers on and off, change the opacity, and modify the blending mode. In addition, users can turn channels on and off, designate a channel to print as any QuarkXPress color, and use paths for clipping paths or text runaround contours. ImagePort 1.1 is compatible with QuarkXPress 4.1 or later for Macintosh and QuarkXPress 4.04 or later for Windows. The update is free to all registered users. The suggested retail price for ImagePort 1.1 is $149.99, with an introductory price of $99.99. For more information about ImagePort and other ALAP products, contact ALAP, Inc. by phone at 888-818-5790 or visit the company's web site at http://www.alap.com. To request review copies of ALAP products, call Clydene Nee at 760-438-5790 ext. 116.