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Reasons Why Most Web-to-Print Projects Fail (and How to Avoid Them)

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For the past few years, the web-to-print industry has witnessed a huge growth alongside ecommerce and the internet. No matter how intricate a web-to-print project is, high-end tools can help accomplish it. However, there are times when these projects also fail miserably.

To understand the reasons behind failure is important to prevent repeating the same mistakes. Read on to know a few common reasons behind the failure of a web-to-print project.

Being too technical

Thinking that web-to-print is all about technology is wrong. It is actually a concept of marketing that uses technology. Therefore, executing a web-to-print project doesn’t require sales teams to have full knowledge of the mechanics of printers. Rather, they should be able to listen to a customer’s idea and help turn it into reality.

While having too much knowledge about technologies can be good for personal understanding, sharing them with customers can actually confuse them. As they only want their project to be executed successfully. A complete web-to-print web front software solution can help you refrain from investing your time and energy in technological aspects and focus on only marketing and operations.

Investing without Thinking

Whenever you invest in a particular technology, it is of vital importance to know your thought process and end goals you want to achieve with that. If you invest in a web-to-print storefront software solution or online product design software, your reasons behind installing it may vary.

Several ecommerce or print businesses invest in web-to-print technology just because it is in trend and they feel that peer pressure. At first, they find the solution that gives better value and best functionality. But as the time passes by, they start assigning handling of all web-to-print projects to the most technical person(s) of their team. This actually causes more problems than convenience.

If you are a true entrepreneur, evolving yourself and involving yourself in the entire production cycle is a must. You should not delegate entire tasks to your technical staff. By actively participating in execution of all projects, you won’t only get creative insights into them but also help you deal with clients of similar needs better.

Lack of Sales Involvement

When sales teams treat web-to-print projects too ‘technically’, problems start. You should involve the sales team from the beginning of the project itself to avoid any confusions later on. As they are the first to interact with customers and are a major medium of communication, they should have a complete understanding of customers’ expectations from your product. Only with all this knowledge at their disposal, they would be able to design a reachout plan and decide on the members that are going to work on a specific project.

As a business owner, you should ensure that everything - pre-defined features, rightly designed product, and a perfect marketing plan are all in place before the printing cycle starts. As it is difficult to amend it once it starts.

Lack of Customer Engagement

Failing to pay heed to customer engagement is also one of the major reasons why a web-to-print project fails. If you offer a web-to-print storefront software solution, coming up with a communication plan to communicate with your customers is crucial.

Don’t assume that your customers are aware of your products and services. Rather, you should walk the extra mile to involve creative communities, conduct printing workshops, provide sales collateral and market your brand well. Implementing all these strategies only will help get you better prospects and customers interested in your customization services.

A web-to-print business has a great potential but only if you don’t make some common mistakes as mentioned above, choose the right web-to-print storefront software solution, research the right workflow, involve your sales teams well and offer your customers the best way to customize products.


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