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Postal Vision 2020 v2.0; USPS Strategy Opportunity as a “Platform”

Published June 18, 2012

The second Postal Vision conference drew 150 attendees to Washington DC’s L’Enfant Plaza Hotel. This was two Metro stops from the real decision makers, i.e., Congress and the United States Postal Service. No one from Congress could squeeze it in but USPS’ new Digital Solutions President and Strategic Planning Manager were in attendance as well as representatives of the two primary Postal Unions for the two-day duration.

InterQuest: Private Sector Talent Transforming Government In-plants

Published December 7, 2011

This sixth annual InterQuest continued the theme of most all printing conferences for the last decade: digital printing and electronic workflows must be in your future. This DC gathering featured successful case studies by the general managers that led their transition.

InterQuest 2011: Need for Benchmarking at Federal Government In-plants

Published December 6, 2011

The sixth annual InterQuest conference targeting government and higher education in-plant printers was held November 30. Digital printing, electronic workflows, and in-plant case studies of successful technology and management transitions often involving newly hired, experienced private sector employees were the reenforced themes of the forum.

RRD's Strategic Inkjet Direction

Published June 15, 2010

I find it fascinating that RRD (1) has invested mega capital and resources to develop a proprietary inkjet engine in an arena where the deepest technology pockets in the world (HP, OCE, Xerox, Screen, et al) have been coming out with new and upgraded inkjet engines annually for years and (2) yet they are driving their machine with off the shelf software, GMC.

2010 Info 360: AIIM Expo + Conference Future Vision for Software Partners

Published May 27, 2010

A much anticipated AIIM keynote address is the State of the Industry delivered each year by John Mancini, President of the Association of Information and Image Management. Here are a few of his thoughts. While directed at all corporations feeling the onslaught of information, I sense they are ever more pertinent to printers and the graphics imaging industries as they grapple with software concerns.

Amazon needs help...

Published April 26, 2010

info 360: AIIM Expo + Conference

Published April 26, 2010

Highlights of National Postal Forum

Published April 18, 2010

RRD acquiring Bowne

Published March 2, 2010

Excellant backgrounder by Gail on the Bowne acquisition. Corporate acquisitions have never been cheaper, And What RRD has really done is put a major competitor out of business.

Managed Print Services more than Purchasing decision

Published February 10, 2010

The Managed Print Services concept had its beginning with the management of corporate copier fleet(s). A recent posting by Purchasing.com to suggest that growth in Managed Print Services is being facilitated by the Corporate Purchasing Department is a shallow interpretation.

Benefits of 3rd Party Lease Expert

Published February 5, 2010

Andy Tribute wrote a great article a few days ago on the current status of inkjet technologies and equipment leaders along with issues that each potential buyer should keep in mind. One facet was not addressed that I would like to add. And this pertains to all equipment acquisitions. Each and every buyer regardless of size should have a third party, i.e., independent, lease expert review the proposed manufacturer’s or financial institution’s contract.