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Filip Weymans is the director of segment marketing and business development for Xeikon N.V.

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Finishing Digitally Printed Labels: What Do You Really Need?

Published January 20, 2014

In the world of label production, finishing or converting a label is as important as the accuracy and quality of the printing process itself. The decision whether to use inline or offline finishing/converting solutions depends on the make-up of incoming orders and the specific market needs of the customer.

Web-to-Print Technology: Enabling Speed and Collaboration for Printers and Customers

Published November 12, 2013

Web-to-Print is a concept that has grown rapidly, right along with the internet and e-commerce in general, and represents an efficient and effective way for printers to interact with customers and partners as they plan and execute print jobs. From submission, to online prepress previews and reviews, all the way to production, web-to-print enables customers and printers to use a variety of tools and rich user interfaces to produce impressive results.

From the Web to a Label

Published September 24, 2013

With run sizes per print job going down and the variety of labels going up, new solutions are needed to supply label printers an affordable, efficient option. The concept of using the Internet as a custom printing-enablement tool is based on a high degree of automation coupled with the benefits of digital color printing

The State of Thermal Transfer and Digital Printing

Published July 22, 2013

Heat transfers may not be one of the more obvious uses for digital printing, but for years the innovative companies have been successfully building up a market in a variety of ways.

Digital Folding Carton — How to Make it Work for You

Published May 13, 2013

With the market pushing packaging printers and converters towards shorter runs and faster turnaround times, you might be tempted to assume that folding carton printing is on its way out.

Label and Packaging Security: Brand Protection Tools in Printing and Packaging

Published March 25, 2013

Billions of dollars a year are on the line for companies as they seek ways to ensure that the products sold with their logos and branding are authorized and authentic. The proliferation of counterfeiting requires brand owners and their converter/printer partners to work together to create a multi-layered  protection plan so that their packaging and labels protect their brands and deter those trying to profit at their (and their reputation’s) expense.