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Your Customer’s Workflow Challenges are Your Opportunities

There is a conflux of pressures on businesses today: increase speed, personalize products, respond to the market faster, localize the messaging, and do all this with less people on a tighter budget. Read on for tips on how to cope with these challenges.


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About Jennifer Matt

Jennifer Matt is the managing editor of WhatTheyThink’s Print Software section as well as President of Web2Print Experts, Inc. a technology-independent print software consulting firm helping printers with web-to-print and print MIS solutions.


By Gina Danner on May 02, 2018

Excellent example of the real problems that clients have and they just need solved. They often look to the PSP for solutions since the invoice for the end product comes from a printer.

Printers in reality should stop seeing themselves as ink on paper providers, but on masters of project management and apply manufacturing principles of efficiency to marketing processes.

When this is achieved the client is super duper happy, will pay more for the print, and will the solution provider has a very sticky relationship.


By Jennifer Matt on May 02, 2018


Couldn't agree more AND remember if you're talking upstream of the print (not to procurement), then solving those issues represents real value. Do not give away workflow solutions to win the print. Understand how much time/money you're saving them and then put a real value on it. The reason so much software goes unattended at Printers is b/c there is no direct revenue stream attributable to it.

Workflow solutions have to keep evolving / that means investment. If you bundle it with the print - everyone forgets that when they are looking at the costs of your software people.

Establish a diversified revenue stream that supports your investment in solving your customer's workflow challenges.



By John Zarwan on May 03, 2018

Once again Jennifer has nailed it. The key for print service providers -- actually for all businesses -- is to make the customer's life easier.


By Chris Lynn on May 03, 2018

The article is spot-on. Most PSPs should re-brand themselves as 'MSPs' - Marketing Services Providers. That said, I know printers who, instead of charging a premium for value-added services, use them as a barrier to competition in key accounts.They live with an unspectacular but acceptable margin in order to ensure those customers' loyalty.



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