In this blog, we’ve talked about how you know you are ready to migrate your business (or portions of your business) to the cloud. There are a number of criteria that signal you’re ready to take the next step. Here, we’ll look at the third set of “cloud readiness” factors—those related to your business structure.

So here we go.  You’re ready for cloud migration if you . . .

. . . have a business model that often requires many versions or revisions of the same document. Cloud-based apps enable collaborators to work on a single, up-to-date document, eliminating confusion and error.  

. . . are sharing information or a single file among multiple departments. Cloud-based files can be more readily shared than individual files emailed or sneaker netted back and forth.

. . . are working on high-security jobs, such as those for financial institutions, facilities that require HIPAA compliance (such as hospitals and medical facilities), and any company working with credit card numbers. Security is higher in the cloud, and access is more easily tracked and monitored.

. . . are dealing with highly regulated business, such as casinos, hospitals, and financial institutions. Cloud applications offer better tracking and activity monitoring.

. . . are looking for a competitive edge when trying to appeal to a big client. Pointing out that all of your data is secure on Amazon Cloud vs. a private server highlights your attention to security and redundancy.

. . . find your business is more than 10% reorders. A cloud-based ordering system can streamline this process for clients.

. . . participate in government-based RFQ/RFPs, which require you to be transparent and visible.

. . . find that your customers require you to use procurement software (like SAP, Ariba, etc.) to place orders.

. . . have board members, bankers, or partners who require full-time visibility into your bookkeeping.

If you answered “yes” to any (or even most) of these criteria, you just might be ready for cloud migration. Next time, we’ll look at the fourth and final set of criteria that signal you are ready to migrate to the cloud.

Source:  Adapted from Cloud Production: A New Path to Profitability (How to Benefit from Cloud Automation), by Slava Apel and Joseph W. Webb, Ph.D., 2017.