This is not meant as a political comment, but rather a social one. Esko used this image in several presentations at EskoWorld recently (see my article about the event). The context was how “it’s all about me” for today’s consumers and the need for marketers to find ways to make their efforts – and their products – more relevant to consumers while still meeting three key objectives: Growth, Meeting Compliance, and Reducing Costs (or keeping them in line).

This is particularly relevant in the world of packaging, where packaging can now be customized to an individual name (like Share-a-Coke); quickly changed to reflect a season, event or geography; or to address regulatory or other changes that can’t wait for a normal months-long revision cycle. The growing presence of digital printing in the world of packaging makes this not only possible, but cost-effective and desirable.

One example I used in my EskoWorld article was a change in Lean Cuisine packaging that drove 7% growth in a market declining at 3%!

It’s really the effect of Amazon, or the Uber-ization of everything, in action. In the image below, not long ago, everyone would have been facing the speaker; but now?  Enjoy!