Every now and then you find a really neat application tucked away in a most unusual place. Such was the case with Ed Lupo’s AdBuilderPro, from Graphic Arts Associates, Inc. Quietly sitting in PrintOn Demand.com’s booth, with his laptop at the ready, Ed explained that his PDF/X-1a compliant co-op advertising software will officially be "launched" at this fall’s San Francisco Seybold event. He was at the On Demand Expo for a "viewing" and to get reactions. Currently, AdBuilderPro has 15 customers, according to Ed, and many of these companies are household words, i.e., Toro, Lawn Boy, Murray, Porter Cable, Rowe Furniture, Hartmann Luggage, JanSport and others.

Companies and dealers have had long standing problems with ad creation and tracking in order for retailers to receive payment for cooperative ads run in local markets. With Ad BuilderPro, this problem is solved through a browser based access to corporate images, pre approved ad copy and templates of various formats for diverse print media. The manufacturer stores its high resolution images in the Image Vault database. The local retailer uses his password to access the stored content and build an appropriate ad. The retailer can also upload his own logo, at the time of ad creation, if not already resident, or has changed. Based on the retailer’s login password, the system automatically drops in the retailer’s address.

Once an ad is complete, an e-mail notification of the URL link is made to the ad agency or media outlet. The transaction is also recorded with the manufacturer, for tracking and accounting purposes. An added advantage for both retailer and manufacturer is that both parties are comfortable with the content, since it’s all pre approved. There are no surprises and reimbursement is guaranteed. To receive co-op payment, all the retailer needs to do is send a copy of the ad, once it has run, along with the invoice, and reimbursement is made. An additional benefit is the ability for the retailer to build his own custom catalog of seasonal or stocked items and personalize them for direct mail. How much do these capabilities cost? Ed said from $10,000-25,000 for a one time, corporate activation fee, paid by the manufacturer, and free to the retailer. Other fees, for template creation and site storage also apply.

This is a really neat asset management application that solves real life advertising problems. Content and asset management applications were in short supply at this year’s OnDemand Expo, but this was a standout. For more information go to Graphic Arts Associates’ web site (www.garts.com) or call 800-884-2656.