This seems like a nice Friday post. Five winners were recently announced and feted for the first ever CoolClimate Art Contest, a worldwide call for submissions designed to generate “iconic images that address the impact of climate change.” The contest drew more than 1,000 artists from around the world. The top 5 Climate Artists of 2010—as determined by popular vote—are:
  • 1st place: No Pollution Please by Chris-Lamprianidis (Greece)
  • 2nd place: AIR by jeffreydurden (Bolivia)
  • 3rd place: Oil Spill Duck Sculpture by livesteel (USA)
  • 4th place: Don’t Trash It by The Starkman Group (USA)
  • 5th place: Tick Tock by ~julietmciver (USA)
Check out the winning images and a rotating gallery of finalists here. But wait! There’s more:
Now that the winners have been announced, we want to encourage you to take some important next steps. The 20 Finalists have volunteered their work to be used to raise awareness about the issue of climate change. We've supplied you with 10 ways you can use climate change art, which you can find in downloadable PDF format here. Please remember that you should always credit the original artist when using these works.
No Pollution Please
"No Pollution Please" by Chris Lamprianidis
UPDATE: A sharp-eyed reader tells me that the child is wearing earphones, and I see that she is. All right, so here’s the Going Green sub-contest: what do you, the blogreader, think she’s listening to? My suggestion is “Big Black Smoke” by The Kinks.