Brands are changing the way they promote themselves and are exploring a wider range of options available to them from developments in digital communications. Traditional advertising has already been affected by the rise of digital, and it’s clear that other changes are on the horizon.

The Smithers Pira research organization is measuring the impact of the change on markets for printed signage and point-of-purchase (PoP) advertising with an online survey to which all printers and print customers are invited to respond. The survey, which closes on May 8th, will be the basis of a new global report on “Signage in an Electronic World,” to be published later this year.

The survey seeks to explore a key sector of the of print vs. digital media battleground, in-store PoP advertising and signage. Smithers Pira says that while screen-based technologies are gaining ground in outdoor locations, the prospects for in-store digital media are less clear.

The survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete, addresses the impact of digital media both on general trends in the advertising mix and on signage/PoP. Answers are entirely confidential and will be used only in combination with answers from other respondents to produce an overview and an average of all responses.

Everyone who takes part in the survey will receive a free copy of a related Smithers Pira white paper, “Print vs. Electronic Media – the threat of digital technologies to traditional printed advertising.” It assesses the current and future state of traditional, printed and digital signage technologies, describes their respective places in the market, and determines the extent of the digital threat.

Each digital display technology is examined with regard to technological developments, specifications, usage, and future prospects. The white paper also includes aggregated survey results in full and provides valuable insights into advertisers' views on the threat posed by digital media.

Again, the final closing date for responses is May 8th. The link: