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Radical vs. Incremental Change with Web-to-Print and Print MIS

Do you approach change as an incremental, keep everyone comfortable manner? Or do you see how much the external conditions have changed while your company has stayed still? Is your print software able to support your current and future business needs?


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About Jennifer Matt

Jennifer Matt is the managing editor of WhatTheyThink’s Print Software section as well as President of Web2Print Experts, Inc. a technology-independent print software consulting firm helping printers with web-to-print and print MIS solutions.


By tom koceja on Feb 16, 2015

If your not striving for finding ways for total integration in connectivity for all production steps through accounting when looking at your business your lagging


By Jeffrey Pierce on Feb 16, 2015

A whole generation of new managers have entered the industry since Tom Peters was writing on these same topics in the eighties. I'd think more businesses would embrace the value of innovation, agility, radical change, but the perceived risks can be frightening -- hence the well-placed closing quote on "courage."

I found something in your last paragraph the most persuasive: "disrupt their competitors". The internal disruption caused by radical change is painful, but disrupting the competition? That's something a manager should be eager to do!


By Jennifer Matt on Feb 16, 2015

Tom and Jeffrey,

I like the idea of in general "stop thinking about your company" and start thinking about how you can change your customers expectations and how you can disrupt your competitors. Have the courage to do both.

Yes - all this disrupts and causes your company to be out of its comfort zone but it is for all the right reasons. Market differentiation and adding value to your existing customer relationships.



By Rossitza Sardjeva on Feb 17, 2015

Tomorrow's success has never been more uncertain,and the courage to lead the changes will take to win...but of course there is a risk and this will not be frightening for most of new managers.


By Jennifer Matt on Feb 20, 2015

Rossitza -

Great point. I live and work in San Francisco. I go to a lot of technology events in the Bay Area. The people working in technology (not just the young ones) are comfortable with change - actually I think the more accurate way to describe it is that they are ADDICTED to change. When things change, opportunities are created. Dominate players fall, small players rise. The technology sector bets on constant and disruptive change.

We need to get infected by this addiction and inject a more courageous approach to change moving forward (too many drug references in that sentence).

Attitude is much more important than age.



By Rossitza Sardjeva on Feb 27, 2015

That's correct Jenifer, but nontheless youth is advanatage.....


By Jennifer Matt on Feb 27, 2015


Youth is an advantage only that you don't have as many beliefs (thoughts you've been thinking over and over again) that can keep you stuck.

I have met people in their 70's who are more youthful (not stuck) than kids in their 20's.

Age is an advantage because you know from experience that everything is impermanent, everything will change, and you should only focus on what you have control over.




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