Following our publication of the latest update from Landa Digital Printing, published last week, I spoke with Benny Landa to clarify a few things.

The video shows the beta factory, which has a limited amount of space, so we wondered about plans to scale manufacturing following beta. Landa assured us that there is sufficient additional space available to scale manufacturing as required based on order volume, and plans in place to do so.

The S10 folding carton press, the first of the Landa sheetfed presses to come to market, will enter beta in the second half of 2015. There were hopes to get to beta earlier, but as Landa explains in his blog post, there were logical reasons for the delays. There are two models of the S10 press: a single-sided press optimized for folding cartons and a perfecting press for commercial work. The folding carton press will enter beta in the second half, followed by the perfecting S10, which is expected to be in beta by drupa 2016. The 40” W10 web press for flexible packaging and the 40” W10 web press for publishing will follow.

Landa will be exhibiting in Building 9 at drupa, what he calls “the heart of drupa,” but with twice as much space as he occupied in 2012, and one would presume an equal amount of fanfare.

As stated in the blog post, Komori is the exclusive chassis partner, while EFI is the exclusive digital front end partner, for Landa Digital Printing products.

Landa reports that the company has been working closely with Komori and there has been great progress for both the Landa-branded presses and the Komori version, but suggested we speak with Komori for more updates on this topic, which we have added to our to-do list!

Finally, while beta customers have apparently been selected, the company has an agreement with them that there will be no publicity unless the beta customers choose disclose who they are. Landa is also not disclosing at this time how many beta sites there will be.