As a print service provider, your services help your customers build their business and their client base. To stay competitive, it's vital that you stay ahead of the game, keeping abreast of changing technology that can change the way you do business and the services you offer your customers. That's why you need to know about the new iPhone 6 and its NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, brand new for this iPhone model. NFC technology offers your print customers even more opportunities to make use of mobile devices to build stronger and more profitable relationships with their customers, while adding extra value to your print and marketing services.

Now Is the Time to Get Ready For NFC

NFC technology enables communication between two NFC-enabled devices (smartphones or tables), or an NFC device and an NFC chip. NFC chips are small and cost effective to produce, and easy to add to print materials such as mailers or posters in the form of small stickers. For example, an NFC chip in your client's latest brochure could launch a landing page on any NFC-enabled smartphone when the phone is touched against the chip.

NFC is already a feature on the popular Samsung Galaxy 5 and Galaxy Nexus, with the upcoming Blackberry Passport promising NFC technology too. However, Apple hasn't enabled NFC on its perennially popular iPhones until now.

Right now, Apple is focusing its NFC technology on its ApplePay program, turning mobile phones into mobile wallets. While it's true that there is still some uncertainty about whether Apple will open up its NFC technology for general use in the future, educating yourself about NFC and its value to your customers now means that you'll have the answers your customers need when they come to you for advice and you'll be ready for NFC as it grows in popularity.

Consider any work you do in preparation for NFC research and development. R and D is crucial to have built into your annual budget, and helps you to walk before you run. With anything you educate or sell, you must eat your own dog food first, so be sure to put NFC in your 2015 R and D strategy and budget.

Why NFC Matters To Your Business

No matter what Apple does next with the iPhone 6, NFC is becoming more popular and more readily available. As a print services provider, NFC enabled print pieces make for a profitable addition to your repertoire. You'll be helping your customers to grow their businesses, which means increasing your value to them as a print and marketing services provider.

NFC chips are versatile and make it easy for your customers to link their digital and printed content. The chips come as stickers which means any printed material can be NFC enabled. There are many uses for NFC:

  • On printed and promotional materials such as mailers or posters
  • On signs, packaging and labels
  • On business cards
  • On booth materials at conferences

NFC chips can be used to launch apps, landing pages, web pages or social media profiles, to download information and even to make payments.

Why the iPhone Six Matters to Your Business

The iPhone 6 offers much more than its NFC capabilities. The bigger screen (a choice of 4.7 or 5.5 inches depending on the model) and better resolution is good news for both your customers and your business.

Your customers' digital content will look better and brighter than ever when viewed on the iPhone 6. Using NFC takes advantage of that, linking your customers' printed materials with online content that will look brighter and sharper than ever. Now is a great time to encourage your customers to embrace responsive web design so that their NFC tags will link seamlessly to content that looks great on the new iPhone 6 handset. Need a refresher on responsive web sites? Grow Socially created an introductory video explaining the concepts:


That extra clarity works for your website and digital content, too. If you offer a print on demand service, your customers will be able to view their files on a brighter and higher resolution display. The iPhone 6 also boosts faster Wi-Fi connectivity. With a better display and faster performance, your customers will be able to view your website and their accounts more quickly and easily, making it easier for them to check in with you on the go.

Now is the right time to get educated on what the iPhone 6 and NFC can do for your print and marketing services. Check out a video I put together on some fun ways to use NFC: