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Personalization Goes Mainstream

To keep their products and services top-of-mind, marketers must offer highly personalized communications that are relevant to each recipient and communicated via the right channel. Personalization has finally gone mainstream, and marketers must consider individual needs and preferences to drive consumers to take action.


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About Barb Pellow

A digital printing and publishing pioneer, marketing expert and Group Director at InfoTrends, Barbara Pellow helps companies develop multi-media strategies that ride the information wave. Barb brings the knowledge and skills to help companies expand and grow business opportunity.

Please offer your feedback to Barb. She can be reached at [email protected].


By Jacob Aizikowitz on Apr 25, 2013

Great article.

while being fully aware that coming from XMPie I am biased in my views, still I think that I can share some further insight.

When founding XMPie we felt that we are just a short distance from the world as described in Barb's article. We thought that the barrier is the fact that print personalization and digital media personalization are done using vastly different methods, hence to islands with no bridge between them. We felt that by bridging these two islands we will enable integrated multichannel individualized communications, and XMPie was founded with this exact vision in mind.

Reality was a bit different. To a large degree we built the bridge and enabled an integrated approach to personalization across all media channels. Yet, to our "surprise" the market was not ready.

Our s/w, our customers, business entities from the purely digital space, competitors and their customers, and digital marketers, all helped taking things forward and we gladly have the situation described in Barb's paper.

Barb told me once that doing cross media personalization, focusing only on the media aspects of this proposition, is not enough. One must have analytic and various management functions.

We took the advice, continued developments, reaching outside of pure media or data issues, and today we call this Individualized (multichannel) Communications Management.



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