Today is “National Print Day” according to grassroots campaign to promote print as an environmentally and socially responsible medium vital to communication.

According to organizers, the mission of the campaign is “to rally the printing community and those communities affected by it on a national level”.

Organizers layout four goals: “1. Dispel the the myths about print. 2. Prove print is a viable, advantageous and powerful mode of communication. 3. Advocate print as intrinsic to human nature; evoking emotions and providing a tactile experience 4. Promote the coupling of print with digital communications to provide a truly integrated approach that allows information to be accessed both with and without a device.”

The “National Print Day” campaign has it's roots in the ill-conceived “National No-Print Day” initiative that Toshiba USA had initially planned for today. The “National No-Print Day” was quickly scrapped after industry outcry and bloggers debunked Toshiba's primary claims for having a “National No-Print Day”.

Most of today's “National Print Day” activity is happening on blogs and social media. Twitter hash tag #NationalPrintDay captures most the activity.

Mark your calendar, “National Print Day” will be held annually on the 4th Tuesday in October.