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Landa to Give New Life for Offset Iron

As drupa prepares to open its doors to the public, I am wondering if two announcements in the past week may indicate a major change in the printing industry, and also a new lease of life for two of the leading offset press vendors.


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By Matt Hibbing on May 01, 2012

Hold on tight!


By Thaddeus B Kubis on May 02, 2012

The industry needs some dynamic thinking, perhaps this is the fuel for the fire and this new look at print will ignite the industry. As of now I am pleased to hear the news but as we all know the proof is in the product not the hype.

I am looking for your reports from drupa.



By Andrew Gordon on May 02, 2012

I'm usually not the first to jump on the hype wagon, but I find Landa's strategy go after the middle, rather than the periphery, to be exhilarating. Up till now, the digital print industry has been nipping away at the low hanging fruit and attacking offset where it is weakest. Landa is going after the whole orchard and he may end up being the Honey Badger of the printing industry. The distribution agreements with the offset manufacturers is a mechanism to attack the middle. However, these manufacturers will need talent and resources to be successful and we should expect a flow of talent from the entrenched digital vendors to these new players...and the disruptions to the old guard that may come along with it.


By Clint Bolte on May 02, 2012

Part of the genius of the partnerships with Komori and roland is simply the potential impact of competitive free enterprise. The prices will stay competitive rather than skimming the high end. Plus innovative apps byu the two suppliers will be encouraged and followed closely in the industry.

The maturity of nanography will be tested by whether either or both of these press manufacturers have something on the trade show floor in Chicago this fall at Graph Expo 2012. That alone would draw the crowds.


By Chuck Gehman on May 08, 2012

Having just returned from Drupa, I can say that Landa is very exciting. If all the breakthroughs are delivered in the schedule they have communicated, this will truly change the industry. The machines look great, but the Ink itself appears to be the big news.

As for the partnerships, I think the Komori announcement is credible and makes a lot of sense. The MAN and Heidelberg news, less so.

In the case of MAN, let's see whether they are still around in 18 months.

In the case of Heidelberg, my opinion and that of many colleagues in the industry is that they burned the digital bridge. Many traditional sheetfed offset printers trusted Heidelberg, and their sales people, with their first major digital acquisition. The company squandered that trust when they pulled out of the Nexpress partnership. Since then, other companies have achieved that trust-- most notably, HP. They have now surpassed, on many levels, the Heidelberg we all used to know and respect. The most trustworthy partner, with the highest quality, best gear you can buy, best support, best relationship, is HP Indigo.


By Rossitza Sardjeva on May 09, 2012

I have been at lANDA SHOW (hall 9, 5th of May, 12.00 h). All was very impressive, Benny Landa looks very well, confident in his words he said to the audience.
But nontheless I think everything in his project is not accomplished....And my question is: is digital printing up to now is around 2% - this Landa said???



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