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A Few Trends that Got Us to Where We Are

Printers are providing more value-added services that go beyond paper. They are evolving into new kinds of companies. Here are some of the steps that got us to this point.


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About Frank Romano

Frank Romano has spent over 60 years in the printing and publishing industries. Many know him best as the editor of the International Paper Pocket Pal or from the hundreds of articles he has written for publications from North America and Europe to the Middle East to Asia and Australia. Romano lectures extensively, having addressed virtually every club, association, group, and professional organization at one time or another. He is one of the industry's foremost keynote speakers. He continues to teach courses at RIT and other universities and works with students on unique research projects.


By Rob Van Den Braak on Sep 16, 2011

Digital has to be a two way street!

Frank, as always straight to the point but what I miss is the importance of seeing digital as a two way street.
Why do printers stick to paper and not offer customers to have the same publication adapted to view on the fast growing media-tablet and e-readers base. Our industry is best suited to do this. We know about type, colour, composition and many printers have 80% of the tools to offer this services. Even looking forward to Drupa 2012 and what will be in the Innovation Park I am missing this great opportunity for us all to extend our services. If printers are not taking this chance it will be like Print2Web. Others outside the industry will do it and combine their offer for electronic publications with a print version they can easily buy from printers hungry for work.


By Danny Wilson on Sep 16, 2011

I believe that printers can be the primary decision makers on whether the value of the printed item continues to lose value, or increase in value. As Rob stated digital and offset print needs to be a multi-communications media for customers. Adding QR codes, augmented reality, bar coding, digital publications and the host of other features allows print to continue to be relevant, but only if the "Printer" sees, communicates and commits to offering these services. If we fail to offer new and innovative solutions and keep print relevant, then we are helping print become a thing of the past.


By Manuel Gomez on Sep 22, 2011

Hi Frank

Could you please let us know the source of your estimations for 2020?



By Adam Dewitz on Sep 22, 2011

@Manuel, Frank says the numbers come from RIT research projections.



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