In mid-September, X-Rite will release XRGA, an ISO-compliant metrology standard for the graphic arts industry that is designed to take advantage of advances in color science and new international standards to provide a way to reduce measurement discrepancies between legacy instruments previously developed by X-Rite and GretagMacbeth.

According to Jen Elliott, X-Rite’s director of marketing for graphic arts, X-Rite conducted a detailed study to quantify the systematic differences between measurements obtained using instruments from the former X-Rite and the former GretagMacBeth in the process of developing this standard. She says, “The concept of XRGA is based around inter-model agreement for customers using multiple instruments from the new X-Rite to ensure that there is a certain amount of measurement agreement and repeatability among those instruments. Not everyone will need to implement it. It will primarily be helpful to customers using multiple instruments within a given workflow. But it also provides a single standard for all X-Rite product development going forward.”

Elliott points out that implementation of the standard involves software updates that can be handled in the field, or firmware upgrades that can be taken care of at the annual certification process the instrument already goes through (or should!). A new version of X-Rite’s ColorPort software will be provided to assist in the XRGA implementation process for i1 Solutions.

“ISO Standard 13655 is also driving us to make these changes,” Elliott adds. “It would be our hope that we will see other instrument manufacturers bring their instruments up to the standard so that ultimately, there would be a certain amount of agreement between all instruments. I see this as sort of the JDF for instrumentation.”

X-Rite has written a white paper describing the new XRGA standard. Also, watch for a WhatTheyThink video series beginning September 21st that includes more detail about this new standard.